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setsunatenshi said:
i don't get what's the point of this topic? are we supposed to mourn the loss of you on multiplat games?

changing lead platforms implies that some developer swapped the platform they code for, not that some rando user will play multiplats somewhere else, that is a non topic

I think he hopes to either convince others to follow him and join the X1 now that it's entering the peak of the systems popularity (wrestling to stay ahead of weekly 3ds sales) or perhaps the thread was written to see if he could convince himself that what he is doing is correct, but yeah it's so a non issue especially when it comes to the OP is still going to buy and play all Switch and PS4 exclusives while relying on the x1(x presumably) for multiplatformers, still means that a good amount of his time will be spent playing on the other two systems.

The OP to me does read like he had some issue with the ps4 and customer support told him to sod off so he made this topic, it really doesn't read like a topic created because the ps4 can't open rar files or download jpgs, I could be wrong of course.

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Kerotan said:
Dr.Vita said:

That is new to me and the other 99% Playstation 4 owners. Tbh your op reads like you were sponsored by Microsoft.

Maybe he's going through Internet issues and it keeps cutting out while he plays? It can be very easy to blame it on Sony when in fact it could be your own Internet. Psn has been impeccable for me lately and literally every time i disconnect its because my own Internet has reset or momentarily switched off. 

Either that or his Playstation 4 is broken. 

Kerotan said:
OTBWY said:
Good, my dude. Glad to see you have chosen to follow what you like instead of brand loyalty over years of being in that same ecosystem. Do not be ashamed or peer pressured for liking Xbox. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Some people can't except that. It shouldn't be your problem, it should be their problem.

Just as he's entitled to no longer accept playstation as his main platform users here are also entitled to not accept his decision. Otherwise what's the point of the thread, to be one massive echo chamber? Some people obviously can't accept that. 

Given the sales and userbase of this site (because of the fact that less than 1 in 5 gamers would be using a X1, 2ps4 and 2 Switch to 1 X1 if not less) but yeah, this thread was always going to have replies of "why though?"

It's the equivalent of going into a firefighters forum and creating a thread about how sometimes you like to light fires and leave them unattended.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

You're free to choose whatever you like the best, but if you think Microsoft is significantly better in the long run, you're most likely sorely mistaken. What Microsoft does right at the moment is driven by the market situation, i.e. the fact that Microsoft is losing so badly. Last generation, Microsoft wasn't doing much (beyond JRPGs and Kinect). Instead, we got paid multiplayer when it could definitely be free, and it took Sony to slap games in to the same subscription. If any side gets in the dominant position during the next generation, expect that side to be like Sony is right now.

For now though, Microsoft sounds like it might be a good choice for you. Just be careful to not assume anything come next generation, as the losing side will probably be the most innovative when it comes to finding ways to please customers.

KBG29 said:

PlayStation has finally drove me away. 

For the last 1 1/2 they have completely abandoned PS4. ...

This is literally as far as I read before I laughed out loud for you just being so wrong. Then I kept reading and realized that you were DEFINITELY wrong when you started going on about how much better Xbox One has done.

Sorry, mate, sometimes an opinion can be wrong if it's predicated on faulty or misleading facts. PS4's where it's at; that and Switch and PC. Get those three and you get virtually everything. If you actually wanna go with Xbox, that's fine, enjoy not having interesting or fun exclusives and a weird fetishization for multimedia features over games! 

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OP definitely has a point. If you already spent a shit ton of money and bought every console and don't care about mobility the Xbox One X seems to the best place to enjoy multiplatform titles. In addition, the Xbox game pass is a great sevice.

Or you do yourself an even bigger favor and buy a PC. A few facts:
almost unlimited backwards compatibility, biggest exclusiv library, best experience in multi platform titles, M+K and Controller, best multimedia station

Besides, I can't confirm it myself yet but I heard that both your brain and biceps will grow at least 1% per GB RAM.

Is this some kind of vgc social experiment?

If you like media films music browsing etc then Your not constructed to a PS4 only. You have option of a Roku box or now TV etc.

If you only want great games and the best games then PS4 is best choice. All of the moans you have I've not experienced them. The OS on Xbox is so bloated on PS4 it's super quick even things like taking screen shots etc and sharing. Online game shareplay it's been an excellent console.

I do love my Xbox one s for BC titles and some games like shenmue 2 I got for Xbox and not PS4 but there's no way that the Xbox one is somehow superior to PS4

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ironmanDX said:
Is this some kind of vgc social experiment?

I guess it's a mental exercise in console warriorhood.

hinch said:

So multimedia functions trumps games? Okay then.. Whatever floats your boat.

Really though, just buy a HTPC if your want a PC for the lounge. It will serve you better.

If you hadn't already picked up on it by now, he's very much against wanting to use a PC for nearly anything. He wants consoles to fully replace PC's and handle all their tasks and what not. He's used consoles to pay his bills and what not, while opting as much as possible to use them for daily computing tasks.

Literally the only guy in all the world that forces himself to use a console for what PC's have been doing for decades for daily tasks.

Nothing on this earth will convince him to actually use a PC the way average joe's do.