Chazore said:
hinch said:

So multimedia functions trumps games? Okay then.. Whatever floats your boat.

Really though, just buy a HTPC if your want a PC for the lounge. It will serve you better.

If you hadn't already picked up on it by now, he's very much against wanting to use a PC for nearly anything. He wants consoles to fully replace PC's and handle all their tasks and what not. He's used consoles to pay his bills and what not, while opting as much as possible to use them for daily computing tasks.

Literally the only guy in all the world that forces himself to use a console for what PC's have been doing for decades for daily tasks.

Nothing on this earth will convince him to actually use a PC the way average joe's do.

Did he also push for Sony to make a sequel to the vita? Could be mixing him up with some body else.