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How Much Do You Expect the Nintendo Switch to Sell Lifetime?

Less Than 35 Million 74 3.83%
35-50 Million 155 8.02%
51-65 Million 209 10.81%
66-80 Million 461 23.85%
81-95 Million 448 23.18%
96-110 Million 343 17.74%
111-125 Million 91 4.71%
126-140 Million 47 2.43%
141-155 Million 17 0.88%
More Than 155 Million 88 4.55%

I originally predicted 80m but now I can see it hitting 90m or so.

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Worst case scenario-100 million
Best Case scenario - 150 million

My prediction- 120 million. I expect the system to peak in 2020(Maybe 2019 depending on what's releasing that year.) The combined support of both handheld and home console ecosystems will help the Switch a lot. It has a monopoly on Handheld gaming. (Something a Nintendo handheld has never had). Plus a revived home console market. I expect it to do well.

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Depends on how Nintendo will manage the 4th year and onwards for the Switch (Revison, price-cut, games, etc ...) But I already feel confident that it'll be way higher than the 3DS (Already outpacing it). If it can catch up with the Wii during it's 4th/5th year, then yeah, 96M-110M is doable.

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My expectation ranges from 80-120 million depending on mid-gen upgrades, software, and how Nintendo handles things. I decided to low ball my expectation in the poll and said '81-95 million', but I would not be surprised if it surpassed the Wii.

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I'm thinking 75-80 mil, so I chose the 66-80 mil option.

At the moment I'm thinking around 80m.

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Anyone who says otherwise is a Sony fanboy.

PS. Sony or MS will be on their arse (from a gaming PoV) by the time a Switch successor releases.

Nintendo is set to take 'all' of gaming, mark my words.

Edit:anyone who thinks MS or Sony will survive against a Nintendo handheld + Nintendo home console w/sound gimmick is deluding themselves. Switch will rewrite the rules. Switch isn't the start of some silly 9th gen. It's a revolution.

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If they do a mid-cycle refresh similar to PS4 Pro and XB1X, north of 115-125 million.

If they don't, minus 20-40 million from the above.

They key for Nintendo is not having declining sales in a large after 2020 and that's going to be a bit of a challenge because they'll have released most of their major IP by then. The solution is a significant mid-cycle refresh, it's keeping Sony and MS' numbers inflated in the second half of their life cycles, the same can happen for the Switch. 

Let the "b ... but you can't divide the userbase!" people whine and cry. It's 2018 already, it's time to move on with the times, everything from smartphones to tablets to Playstations to XBoxes have iterative upgrades that are significant more often than every 5-6 years. That hardware philosophy is badly outdated and only serves to hurt your hardware/instal base. Gotta give yourself that mid-gen boost. 

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I'll try to stick with my prediction from 1 year ago.

USA: 30 M
Europe: 25 M
Japan: 25 M
Other: 10 M
Total: 90 M

USA: 40 M
Europe: 45 M
Japan: 10 M
Other: 25 M
Total: 120 M

USA: 33 M
Europe: 17 M
Japan: 0 M
Other: 10 M
Total: 60 M