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Favorite snes RPG game

Secret of mana 3 5.66%
FF6 12 22.64%
Chrono Trigger 20 37.74%
Earth bound 8 15.09%
other 10 18.87%

Chrono Trigger. I love that masterpiece!
I prefer FFIV over FFVI.

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A very good console for rpgs but I think FFVI would be my favourite.

Tales of Phantasia, while the combat didn't age the best, is still an adventure I cherish with the ton of charm into its story and characters.

The great dungeons, all the memorable tunes, still one of my favorite Tales games.

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I'm really bummed Secret of Evermore isn't listed in the poll. That's my choice, so I guess I choose "other."

Veknoid_Outcast said:
Final Fantasy VI for me, followed by Chrono Trigger. For me, FFVI is the best game to come out of the 4th generation.

Personally, I think it's the best video game made up to that point in history.  It's not until the next generation that I found games that give it a run for that title.

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Chrono Trigger. Such a classic.


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FFVI, that game defined my teen years. I was 15 at the time, and it was the greatest game history i’ve ever played at the time. I sank 200+ hours into this game.

And now i’m playing octopath and man, that game give me FFVI vibes. And every half an hour, i’m think : oh they need to do a FFVI remake with that engine !

CHRONO trigger, and it is really not even close. I still pull that sucker out and play it every summer