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Favorite snes RPG game

Secret of mana 3 5.66%
FF6 12 22.64%
Chrono Trigger 20 37.74%
Earth bound 8 15.09%
other 10 18.87%

Secret of Mana i don't know why maybe the music and good memories
Chrono Trigger

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Chrono Trigger. It's still one of my favorite game experiences ever.
The time traveling concept was very interesting to me, and how it branched out the story. All the characters were interesting, and being able to combine special attacks with cast members was a nice way to encourage me to try different team combinations.
And of course the music.

Secret of Mana would come in second. It had a magical feel to it that I never found with most rpgs in some later generations. And the multiplayer made it even more fun. Played through the game with a friend on my first run. And played through it again with two friends many years later.

Why isnt Super Mario RPG on the last?

I voted Secret of mana..... I have memories of playing that with a childhood friend that lived like almost next door.
The atmosphere and music is beautifull in that game. Also I cant really remember so many other 2 player adventure like games at that time, it was unique.

If it had come down to just singleplayer experiance, Im not sure Id have voted Secrete of mana.
But playing a game with a good friend can drastically change the experiance for the better.

Cerebralbore101 said:
BeardedDragon said:

4. Chrono Trigger

3. Terranigma

2. Secret of Mana

1. Secret of Evermore


my list :) Evermore is underrated as hell

Get a repro cart of Secret of Mana 2. It's only $70, and is it's own game entirely. Secret of Evermore is not the same game as Secret of Mana 2. Confusing the two for the same game would be like confusing Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI as the same game. 

I actually played through that one on an emulator a few years ago. I liked it, but I liked Evermore much better

Lufia 2. Boy the hours I sank into it with multiple playthroughs.
Haven't actually played any of the other games in the series.

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Earthbound, amazing game. but I haven't played any of the FF games.
Chrono Trigger is very overrated, Super Mario RPG is extremely overrated and Breath of Fire is very underrated.
Only played a bit of Secret of Mana so I can't really comment on it.

Wheres the Super Mario RPG option?