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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How Much Do You Expect the PS4 to Sell Lifetime?


How Much Do You Expect the PS4 to Sell Lifetime?

Less Than 90 Million 66 3.52%
90-100 Million 245 13.07%
101-110 Million 452 24.11%
111-120 Million 517 27.57%
121-130 Million 385 20.53%
131-140 Million 84 4.48%
141-150 Million 33 1.76%
151-160 Million 18 0.96%
161-170 Million 6 0.32%
More Than 170 Million 69 3.68%

I think it can break 120m, but if the PS5 is full b/c (as it should be) sales will probably not extend much from there

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120+ mil.

120 million.

It will be the #2 best selling home console. 111 - 120m.

130m, give or take 5m. By 2022? Around there.

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Lol, I remember all the people who said it wouldn't pass the Wii just a year ago. I wonder if there is anyone who truly still believes that. 105M is 100% guaranteed. Where it ends is anyone's guess. I'm guessing ~115M-120M if its lowest price is $179-$199. 120M-130M if they can get it down to $149.

Depends on how long they can push back the release of the PS5. As it stands, it continues to outsell the Switch from week to week, so I don't see it losing steam unless Sony announces something new.

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It will sell like 130m +/- 10m. It will pass everything but the PS2 and DS.


I'm personally thinking and hoping 125 million assuming PS5 launches in late 2020.