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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How Much Do You Expect the PS4 to Sell Lifetime?


How Much Do You Expect the PS4 to Sell Lifetime?

Less Than 90 Million 66 3.52%
90-100 Million 245 13.07%
101-110 Million 452 24.11%
111-120 Million 517 27.57%
121-130 Million 385 20.53%
131-140 Million 84 4.48%
141-150 Million 33 1.76%
151-160 Million 18 0.96%
161-170 Million 6 0.32%
More Than 170 Million 69 3.68%

I voted 111-120m in the poll. But I'd vote 121-130m now, which may still be underestimating. Less than 120m seems unlikely now. 111.8m shipped by March 31st 2020 is forecast, doing less than 8.2m after that is very unlikely.

Even the PS3 managed to ship over 7m after the PS4 launched. To reach 120m the PS4 just needs to ship 8.2m in a time period including 8 months before the ps5 comes out. Basically PS4 would have to do substantially worse vs PS5 than PS3 did vs PS4.


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PS4 has surpassed 110m. I had thought it would happen by the end of this year.

I also had predicted that it'd hardly hit 120m by 2023. Hahaha, I was wrong. My life time vote was 111-120 Million. :(

God bless You.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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