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Forums - Sales Discussion - Do Not Buy a Phone From LG

Apple WORKS. Never had an issue with any Apple item I have owned. Had nothing but issues with Android. Give me 10 million dollars and I still would say no to Android.


I always find it funny that 15 or so ago years ago people used to say "don't support Microsoft they are the man..... Support Apple because they aren't the man and they are so much better and have better products" and so on and so forth.


Now that Apple are successful with better products that people generally don't have issues with unless they do something stupid with it (like hit it with a brick or try to un-lock it or something equally stupid) suddenly Apple are the Man and we shouldn't support the man because they make you pay for it rah rah blah blah.... I support items I know will work... Apple products work.


And every app I have gotten for free or bought and still use, still works with every following generation.

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obviously a faulty one. next...

Did I win the sig bet?

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d21lewis said:
Did I win the sig bet?

..Not even close.

PS4: 1.19
Xb1: 0.59
NS: 0.18 

But I don't really care anymore. 

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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Too late, I've already had an LG phone.

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buy yourself a blackberry key2, a real phone

I bought an lg g3 a few years ago and after about a year the battery started to drain extremely quick soon after phone wouldn't turn on it's an intermittent fault called bootlooping. I vowed not to get another LG done.

Fast forward a couple of years via no fault of my own I acquired an LG g4 and the same bootlooping error occurred, it's too costly to fix so etc so I exchanged it for a Huawei p9 which was brilliant I now have a Huawei P20 I'm only sticking to Huawei phones from now on

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vivster said:
Can I buy an LG TV?

No! My aunt's sister children threw a Wii mote at theirs and it broke! Bad TVs!

Why not check me out on youtube and help me on the way to 2k subs over at

Oh, trust me. I'm never getting an LG phone. The GUI on their phones use seems very overly-simplified, if that makes any sense, and it takes away the joy of having a proper phone. Not that I like phones with complex GUI, but I want something that looks good and appealing, also being user-friendly.

Bofferbrauer2 said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

So I originally got my phone contract in November 2016 for a Oneplus 3t.

Beautiful phone, worked perfectly, great battery life, great features, fast etc. Only complaints I had with it was no optimal image stablisation, but other than that it was basically perfect for well over a year. 

Now the phone screen smashed so I called my insurance from o2 to get it replaced the next day, they told me that they had none and it had been discontinued and basically it wouldn't be worth waiting for a phone so they gave me a list of phones to choose from.

Form what I remember the options were an LG G5, Xperia M3 and some other phone that was very low range. 

Naturally the LG G5 seemed like the better choice on paper as it had the best specs, large screen, 1440p display, OIS, dual camera etc. 

Boyyy was I wrong. 

Phone worked well for about a month or so but I instantly noticed that the battery life was terrible, I had to leave the house with a charger if I was out all day. 

So I'm about 5 months deep into having this phone and it's literally breaking apart inside. It's perfectly fine from the outside no major scratches, screen in perfect condition I've really looked after it but as of now this is the list of issues in order of happening.

Major device slowdown and Lag
Battery life getting worse
Major screen ghosting
Phone call microphone no longer works, only the louderspeaker microphone
I have bluetooth headphones I cannot use cause when the Bluetooth is on on this phone for longer than 10 minutes the wifi drops
Headphone jack doesn't properly handshake anymore
The fingerprint scanner literally doesn't work anymore, the only good consistent thing about the phone was the fingerprint scanner being very quick and responsive every time. it started rejecting and now it completely is unresponsive and the software has noticed this and has completely taken the option away in the settings.

Also the phone doesn't even have ANDROID N. It's still on 2016 software. Android P is being rolled out yet this phone doesn't even have Oreo. 

Safe to say I cannot wait till I am finally rid of this phone and will be picking up the OnePlus 6t as soon as it releases later this year (if the pattern continues). 

Could it be that O2 just gave you a refurbished phone instead of a new one? Could explain a lot of your problems imo, especially if it saw very heavy use with a previous user.

No! LG phones are garbage. I suffered it myself with a G3, which was wonderful in its first year but then Kablloooey

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