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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Spyro very possibly, almost certainly, confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Spyro Reignited Trilogy seems to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The official site for the game has it listed (twice) as an option for the Switch. There might be an official announcement very soon. What do you guys think? Direct upcoming? Also, how excited are you guys for another PS1 classic finally coming to a Nintendo platform? I know I am.

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It's great to see it most likely coming to the Switch. I hope it releases at the same time as the other versions.

If Crash made it on Switch, I don't see why Spyro can't.

I'll probably pick it up, but as someone who 100%'d Spyro 2 and played Spyro 3 multiple times as a kid, I still fail to recognize why people love the series so much.

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They ported Crash to the Switch and it worked out just fine.
If they didn't port Spyro, that would be attributed more to laziness then the games not being able to work or run properly on the system.

Sweet, it's coming to Nintendo Switch AND Nintendo Switch!!!

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Cool. I think this might go well with the userbase.

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gtotheunit91 said:
Sweet, it's coming to Nintendo Switch AND Nintendo Switch!!!

Maybe they know more than we do. Switch pro 0_o

Of course it will be on Switch. It is just Activision being greedy as always. They want to sell another copy to those Switch owners who also have PS4/Xbox One.


Great news for Switch owners! The Crash remaster was brilliant, and I see no reason why this wouldn't be equally great. I'll certainly pick it up for Xbox.

The Nintendo UK website also did the same thing when Spyro was announced. I am pretty sure it is coming eventually. Maybe not Day 1 but it is definitely coming.

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