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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS3 to PS4 graphical leap

asqarkabab said:
The graphics leap was good but not that big like from the ps1 to ps2 and from ps2 to ps3

Yes, it was. 

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Ps4 graphics are mind blowing. This is why we most certainly shouldn't have a new ps5 next year. No sooner then 2020.

The biggest advances by far have been made in animations and fluidity, in addition to increased use of great PP effects and lighting technology. The difference is enormous, people who claim otherwise are probably the same ones who said that there was no difference between DVD and Blu-ray many years ago.

The PS4 is more then just a graphical leap. The PS3 is one of the most annoying consoles I´ve ever used and the PS4 just beats it to pulp. Its such a great console. Anyway the graphical leap was already apparant with God of War and Uncharted 4 I think.

Its def. one of the better looking games of this gen.

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Can't wait for this exact same thread in 5 years after the next "unnecessary" hardware upgrade.

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bonzobanana said:
I'm perfectly happy with ps3 graphics, yes ps4 looks better especially when you are trying to do realistic graphics but I think the ps3 gets the job done quite well. The PS4 always had a big jump in graphic power it was the cpu power that was quite a low jump from ps3 infact with all the cell processor's working efficiently it actually has more computing power than ps4 if you don't factor in the gpu.

I would of thought the main difference is memory though, 16x more memory is a huge generational gap.

I personally haven't been as impressed as the transition from ps1 to ps2 or ps2 to ps3 definitely seems like diminishing returns to me. Still enjoying the fantastic range of ps4 software of course.

I think the popularity of the Switch shows that convenience and portability might actually be more important than performance to many people. Personally I love capable hardware but you see many popular Switch games and their hardware requirements are quite low nothing the ps3 or 360 couldn't do most of the time. I enjoy quite a few android games on my phone, tablet, set top box etc. I guess my point is people aren't quite as impressed with hardware capabilities as they used to be and keeping hardware affordable is more important nowadays. The PS1 and Sega Saturn were about £400 back in 1995 approx which is about £750 in todays money, almost double. I think £750 would produce a pretty amazing console today but no one seems to want to go there probably commercial suicide.

Just making the point that its clear we aren't willing to invest so much money into a console nowadays and therefore shouldn't expect such huge generational differences.

Strong points made. PS4 games looks great, but I'm still impressed by late-gen PS3 titles. 

Then again, there are still moments when I'm playing NES games and think: "this looks sharp!"

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Maxosaurus-rex said:
asqarkabab said:
The graphics leap was good but not that big like from the ps1 to ps2 and from ps2 to ps3

Yes, it was. 

Examples ?

Killzone on ps4 looks the same as killzone 3 but in full HD 

Uncharted 4 is a CG version of UC3





There's certainly a visible leap.

I can see that every day when playing BC games on X1 and compare them to recent X1 games.
Since PS4 is a bit more powerful, you should see that even more.

Beware of titles which look like gameplay but there is no one in sight playing it, and neither a disclaimer it is real time footage (specially if the game looka good and it would be on the developer''s best interests to do so).

As for developers making the best of consoles: sometimes, yes, but these machines aren' t anything special or unknown in terms of hardware and are already extensively used from day one. Both this generation and specially the last one saw significant decreaaes on both frame rates and resolution among the average games in order to look better later on (Alan Wake, Battlefield3...). This time around the shift is masked by adaptable resolution and showcases on the pro / elite hardware but it's still there.


Edit - and as far as the advancements on graphics APIs and techniques, they will be there for PC as well. A GTX 8800 did beat everytime the PS3 and X360 from launch all the way to the mulitplats after they were out of the market.