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Beware of titles which look like gameplay but there is no one in sight playing it, and neither a disclaimer it is real time footage (specially if the game looka good and it would be on the developer''s best interests to do so).

As for developers making the best of consoles: sometimes, yes, but these machines aren' t anything special or unknown in terms of hardware and are already extensively used from day one. Both this generation and specially the last one saw significant decreaaes on both frame rates and resolution among the average games in order to look better later on (Alan Wake, Battlefield3...). This time around the shift is masked by adaptable resolution and showcases on the pro / elite hardware but it's still there.


Edit - and as far as the advancements on graphics APIs and techniques, they will be there for PC as well. A GTX 8800 did beat everytime the PS3 and X360 from launch all the way to the mulitplats after they were out of the market.