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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who Had The Best E3 2018 Press Conference / Show


Who Had The Best E3 2018 Press Conference / Show

EA 1 0.53%
Microsoft 94 50.00%
Bethesda 18 9.57%
Square Enix 1 0.53%
Ubisoft 7 3.72%
Sony 41 21.81%
Nintendo 20 10.64%
Devolver 1 0.53%
Limited Run Games 2 1.06%
PC Gaming Show 3 1.60%

MS > Sony >>>Nintendo.

I give MS the win on the showcase and presentation itself, I still like unique Sony's offerings a lot more, although no release date for most things shown is worrying. MS had a lot to reveal but like 70% was multiplats. Nintendo just dropped the ball entirely.

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Ignoring the content of the games. Microsoft had the best one.
But I'm not going to do that.

What games were announced, how they looked, how they played, and if I wanted them all play a big factor.

So Sony -> SE (although that is mainly from the unannounced Sony game) -> Microsoft -> Ubisoft -> Bethesda -> Ea -> PC gaming show -> Devolver -> Nintendo.

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I would say Microsoft > Bethesda > Ubisoft > Nintendo > Sony > SE > EA. But anything below Ubisoft was awful, Sony was the worse presentation wise/style, EA was the worse in terms of boring.



I'd rank it as follows:

Square Enix

Those are what I watched. Well have to watch Nintendo better when I get home. Didn't get ot watch it closely, some watch some just listen. At work on phone so...
All the hate to the 20 minute smash talk. I see nothing wrong with that. It's their big game, they tend ot do 1 big game each e3 for last few years. Second, i'll take 20 minutes of smash talk over 20 minutes of venue change like Sony, and third most Nintendo's E3's are like 20-25 minutes, so all the Smash was basically just a bonus. If they would have cut the Smash to a 3 minute trailer, that does not mean we would have gotten another 20 minutes of new shit, the conference would have just been 20 minutes shorter. People have to quit thinking doing one thing prevents another all the time.

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Devolver was fun.

Microsoft owned E3 2018.

I just love their focus on games, games and games. Add in Phil Spencer and its just pure win.

40 games in 2017, 50 games in 2018 and I expect 60+ in 2019.

Microsoft has the edge but no one blew me away. As much as I like Smash, an E3 presentation is not the place to spend 25 minutes on one single game.

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MS had the best show. It was indeed a great show for all players. In terms of exclusive games, however, nothing really changed.

jason1637 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Microsoft just bribed 3rd party developers to reveal stuff at their conference. They didn't have anything good to show at all, of their own.

Nintendo was just Smash Bros, and nothing else. No talking bout Animal Crossing, Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, etc. I feel like Nintendo is going back to the drought years of the Wii U. No new games for months on end.

Sony showed the most new games, but nothing got a release date. Not even a year or a fiscal quarter. Nothing!

TL/DR All three were horrible. Sony won I guess, but when MS has nothing to show, and Nintendo only has a single game, of course you win easily.

Halo, Forza, Gears, Battletoads, Ori were some games that they hadon't that they own and the showing for these games were great imo. But they did have lots of nice 3rd party stuff but saying they had nothing of their own doesn't make sense.

Keyword here is "Good". Halo has been getting lower, and lower review scores for years now. Same with Gears. If these two franchises were anything other than FPS games, they would score in the low 70's on aggregate sites, but because the FPS genre appeals to so many people they get higher scores than they deserve. Forza isn't anything new. Just the same old yearly racing game. Might as well get hyped for Madden, Fifa, or MLB. 

Meanwhile Sony had Spiderman, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and Nioh 2 (PC/PS4 Only). 

So five unique and interesting games vs two boring shooters, and a sports title.