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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who Had The Best E3 2018 Press Conference / Show


Who Had The Best E3 2018 Press Conference / Show

EA 1 0.53%
Microsoft 94 50.00%
Bethesda 18 9.57%
Square Enix 1 0.53%
Ubisoft 7 3.72%
Sony 41 21.81%
Nintendo 20 10.64%
Devolver 1 0.53%
Limited Run Games 2 1.06%
PC Gaming Show 3 1.60%
Cerebralbore101 said:
Microsoft just bribed 3rd party developers to reveal stuff at their conference. They didn't have anything good to show at all, of their own.

Nintendo was just Smash Bros, and nothing else. No talking bout Animal Crossing, Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, etc. I feel like Nintendo is going back to the drought years of the Wii U. No new games for months on end.

Sony showed the most new games, but nothing got a release date. Not even a year or a fiscal quarter. Nothing!

TL/DR All three were horrible. Sony won I guess, but when MS has nothing to show, and Nintendo only has a single game, of course you win easily.

Halo, Forza, Gears, Battletoads, Ori were some games that they hadon't that they own and the showing for these games were great imo. But they did have lots of nice 3rd party stuff but saying they had nothing of their own doesn't make sense.

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Gotta hand it to Microsoft.
Ubisoft was decent, Bethesda was okish, didn’t watch EA but it probably sucked and I have no freaking idea what Nintendo and Sony were thinking.

Best press conference is hard to say. The best show had maybe microsoft, Sony had the best games and bigger exclusives this year.

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Darwinianevolution said:

My favourite conferences this year were Limited Run games and the PC Show. LR's was adorable and the Q&A was very interesting, and the PC Show was the only live presentation that looked like it was made by actual professionals.

My current ranking is:

1. PC Show

2. Limited Run Games

3. Microsoft

4. Nintendo

5. Bethesda

6. Ubisoft

7. Sony

8. EA

9. Square Enix (utterly forgettable and with some really bad omissions)

Added the PC and Limited Run Games to the OP.

jason1637 said:

Who do you think "won" E3 2018.

My opinion is, MS > Ubisoft/Bethesda > Sony > Nintendo > EA > Square Enix

For me (my bias ) i will said SONY > Microsoft > Ubisoft > Bethesda >Nintendo >Square Enix > EA

But from entire opinion i get a feeling a lot of people will probably choose Microsoft >SONY > Bethesda>Ubisoft > EA > Square Enix.

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Johnw1104 said:

Can we just have a "no one exceeded mediocrity" option? Outside of EA no one was truly terrible, but what a boring, unimpressive E3 all around!

I'd argue that Square's conference was worse than EA, in the basis of beig utterly forgettable.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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For me, I would say

1. Nintendo
2. Microsoft
3. Sony

Microsoft probably had the best presentation, but outside of gears there was nothing that really got me excited. If we include the publishers, EA would be the best just from Anthem alone. That game looks freaking incredible!!

Microsoft, without doubt.

The worse was SE (completely unnecessary, imo).

Sony was good but not great.

Microsoft - 8.25/10
Sony - 5 ... maybe 5.5/10?
Nintendo - 5/10

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I look at it two ways. If I’m being objective look at it from a pure conference quality/flow perspective, then Ubisoft or MS won, hands down. But for my personal preference in games, while I was disapppinted overall with the Sony conference, they have the best games I can only play on a ps4. MS, on the other hand, showed only Cuphead for my tastes, with a big question mark for Gears 5.