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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Microsoft screwed no matter what they show at E3 this year?

This year they are the ones with potential to surprise people the most but don´t expect them to start selling like nintendo or sony after E3.
They dropped the ball, Phil Spencer is a BS pr guy no one believes anymore and people is sick of seeing them cancelling games and delaying games like crackdown.


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Will a good presentation change their fortunes this generation? Absolutely not. Can they still have a good conference that will benefit them in the longer term? Absolutely. Despite how unsurprising they've become, each of their first party staples are still big games poised for new entries, perhaps all revealed today. A return to form for Fable, other classic IP, or new IP could go a fair way to repairing some image. Hosting footage/marketing deals for hotly anticipated games like Cyberpunk won't hurt, either. Guess we'll see in a couple hours.

I don't know what they are going to do this year. All I know is that their #1 platform is the PC. They have been gradually integrating the XBox brand more and more with the PC. I expect them to do something new this year that will somehow integrate XBox and PC even closer together.

What specific form will that take? I have no idea. It might mean more exclusives or no exclusives, or something that makes people go "what the hell did I just watch?" I know that I still get a good laugh from the whole "Minecraft in 4k" reveal. I'm sure whatever they do this year, it will be interesting to watch.

Good games will stimulate sales..

I dont really feel Switch is stealing X1 sales due to lack of AAA 3rd party games.

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Showing investments in new studios to have more exclusive ip's would help and putting funds in helping development of games like Sony does.
But i am sure that no crazy funding will go into recent gen , if they invest it will most likely go to the next gen.

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Only if they screwed themselves.

If they have good high profile exclusives, like Sony had in the last years of the PS3, even if it doesn't save the ONE it will gain them a lot of traction and goodwill for the next gen. That certainly worked for the PS4.

Games! Games! Games! Show us you lost the arrogance and go back to being the Microsoft from the first Xbox and the early years of the 360!

Yeah, they're screwed. This is what happens when you don't have many single player exclusives.

Microsoft shits money so XBox should be fine.

It's been a great show so far, I'm not sure if it will make a difference in sales (doubtful) since a lot of those games aren't exclusive. But they have shown good stuff

Great conference so far. Microsoft stepped up ther game big time this year.