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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Microsoft screwed no matter what they show at E3 this year?

Looks like Microsoft is preparing for the next gen by opening and acquiring studio's. Not a bad move since third parties offer plenty of games for Xbox that it does not really need a huge amount of new games.

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Holy shit that GOW troll :D

Edit: ok :P yeah, i was like.. they could have just shot themselves in the head if GOW5 wasn't shown

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Better than EA at least, and better than last year.

Then again knowing Microsoft's luck they'll be Overshadowed by Awsomeness by the other presentations.

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Sorry but I have seen more ps4 games than exclusives in this conference

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50games & the 18 titles 'with exclusivity' wasn't that impressive when shown.
but i think 2019+ will be cool for Xbox

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MS is ramping up their presence in the industry but for what future?
UWP / streaming / XBox or all of them...

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Most definitely Microsoft's best E3 this generation. Yes, a lot of the games shown during the conference will also be on PS4, but this show was way better than last year's. I said that Microsoft needed to have a solid conference, gain goodwill with the consumers, and carry that over to next gen. They definitely exceeded the first step.

John2290 said:
Not an Xbox guy so I'll take a moment during the Gears 5 gameplay to say this is one of the best E3 conferences of recent memory, definitely this gen. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Uncharted 6 or the next Zelda at this thing. They really went all out here, hope that money pays off.

Some of the games were cool, thing is i don't need an XBOX to play them though.
I was not as impressed by this as you to say the least :D

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Surely they have to accept that they are currently third and they'll eventually become third in lifetime sales too, but I wouldn't say screwed, even if third place won't probably be as big as it was in 7th gen, it will be the second biggest third place in all the story of console gaming, and even bigger than all home consoles second places except in 7th gen, so quite a good result, more than acceptable, particularly considering that XB consoles typically enjoy a very high attach rate.
So it could be a bad result for paranoid control freak Ballmer, but it will be acceptable, although improvable, for pragmatic Nadella.

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Conference was mad. 
Though nothing new really. Ultimately they gained exclusivity with 3 new studious.