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Congrats to the new mods.

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I got my eye on you three. Like a hawk..

Congrats to the mods! I mostly lurk nowadays but it's nice when you can recognize all three names as being good.

Great picks, I am especially familiar with the two of them!

When you have such a perfect pic of the waifu, Orihime, you deserve to be a mod. Congrats.

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Well RIP hope you last longer then average

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Congrats to the mods.

Although it's a bit awkward that somebody whose posts I usually skip is now a mod

fatslob-:O said:
Great picks, I am especially familiar with the two of them!

I would hope so! :P

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Can't believe they spent all that time deliberating, and these three are the best they could come up with. One of them particularly, I know to be a righteous prick.

But thanks guys!