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Surprised by this because neither of these 3 are Conservative or afraid to state their opinions. However all 3 are good users so I should say I'm pleasantly surprised. Congrats.

BTW any mods retiring or is the mod team just getting bigger?

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fatslob-:O said:
Great picks, I am especially familiar with the two of them!

Trying to start some conflict, I see.

"Two of the mods are especially good looking, but they'll have to fight to see which ones they are."

Ka-pi96 said:
Congrats to the mods.

Although it's a bit awkward that somebody whose posts I usually skip is now a mod

You skip my posts? 

Angelus said:
Can't believe they spent all that time deliberating, and these three are the best they could come up with. One of them particularly, I know to be a righteous prick.

But thanks guys!

Yeah, I don't know any of these 3.  So I'm  kind of shocked they made it through.  /s


Congrats to the three of you.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Those are three good choices. Congrats to all of you!

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Great additions. Don't know angelus that well but pi and permalite are level headed and intelligent guys. Congrats all 3.

I'm liking those choices a lot! Hope you have fun keeping our forums civil!

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Now I have a LoD mod to protect me!


And remember guys, with great power comes great responsibility and that's valid for everybody...

But not for me. I would go crazy evil with power, I'd enslave everyone on earth and people would have to build huge statues and monuments to my eternal glory and I'd get all the chicks and saying no to me would be a major criminal offense and all who oppose me would have just sealed their doom and I could destroy all humans at any given moment with some kind of nukes that only I would have and, and...

Oops was I talking out loud? Please ignore all that, I never said all that, it's just your imagination, you can't prove that I said all that. Anyway what matters is to remember that you new mods have a responsibility that comes with your powers, use it wisely.  o_O