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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's New President Has Big Mobile Goals

Give us games as good as Fire Emblem Heroes and go for it.

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Mobile gaming exist to support dedicated gaming. I bet that's what he intend to do in near future. SONY also trying to involve more on mobile gaming while maintaining market on dedicated gaming industries. It's not a bad thing.

fuck mobile gaming, that is not what I want at all from Nintendo, its furthest away from it.

this is a shitty first thing to say, at least so I have seen as him being president of nintendo. not a good start at all and builds 0 confidence.


If they want to make money from mobile games, they need to change their approach quickly. They're taking the mobile section way too seriously. Mobile gamers are casuals who don't care about quality or content. ''Complete'' games like Mario Bros, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are not gonna do it. It needs to be very simple with small payments to give the player more options. A Dr. Mario puzzle game with microtransactions might be something worth looking into.

"with a focus on the Middle East and Southeast Asia."

Yes please. Nintendo's presence in the Middle East is very weak, I don't personally know any Nintendo fans besides myself and some family members.

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Well, that doesn't sound too promising, at least to core gamers. We'll have to see what this actually entails, but I hope they don't wastes time and money constantly searching for their next Pokémon Go.

That is a smart move, do not put all eggs in one basket. It is the downfall of the best of them. Hopefully he continues this principal of expansion.


Not bad per say, since we know it won't come at the expense of their core gaming market (Switch,3DS) because their studios aren't the dev for these games (DeNa is).

I do understand their desire of expanding their market but I'm still not interested into this mobile gaming venture ...

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Yuck. I was suspicious when I heard he had a marketing background, my fears are growing by the moment.

People should realise that pushing the mobile section does not come as a trade off towards with the core business. We had similar fears since they first dipped their toes into mobile years ago. Guess what, nothing happend to the core business. This will be no different. It's not either or.

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