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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best new IP of this generation


What's your favourite new IP of this generation

Horizon: Zero dawn 49 35.77%
Splatoon 43 31.39%
Overwatch 7 5.11%
Destiny 2 1.46%
Sunset Overdrive 3 2.19%
Bloodborne 21 15.33%
Nioh 5 3.65%
Sea of Thieves 1 0.73%
PUBG 4 2.92%
Rocket League 2 1.46%

IMO easily Splatoon, something totally different, new and very fun on crowded market of online shooters.

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as an IP i want to continue is Sunset Overdrive, though realistically it will never happen.

horizon wins this poll for me.



Go GO Splatoon !

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
Go GO Splatoon !

Woomy!! :D

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Quantum Break.

Splatoon and Sunset Overdrive, but I have to go with Splatoon. Both are amazing games that really just try to be fun and entertaining. Who cares about realistic visuals and physics? Its just a game! these two take that mindset and run with it. Splatoon was actually my gateway into the shooter genre and really set the stage for what could be in a shooter game. its because of Splatoon that I was later inclined to try out Overwatch and Fortnite, both of which i really enjoy. As for Sunset Overdrive, the visuals and gameplay are the best thing to come out of the entirety of the Xbox One, and this game is my only reason not to sell my console. now if only it could get a sequel

I go with The Wonderful 101.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

AlfredoTurkey said:

This will unsurprisingly play out with regards to which of the big three (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) people like the most. People aren't nearly unbiased enough with their opinions to pick a rivals game, even if said game is deserving. You're asking WAY too much of the internet if you think otherwise lol.


Gotta play said game first too.  Where is Dreadnought?


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