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Forums - Gaming Discussion - YouTuber plays God of War 4 and laments it. God of War 4 might set dangerous trend.

Mr Puggsly said:
Darashiva said:

I don't see why The Last of Us is somehow a bad place to seek inspiration. Santa Monica clearly wanted to do something different from what they did previously with God of War, so looking for inspiration from another similar series would have been pointless.

I feel Sony is essentially making all their action games very similar.

God of War plays more like Dark Souls than the Last of Us.  The only thing it has in common with TLoU is the over the shoulder camera and a child companion.


Uncharted is a fast paced 3rd person shooter during action sequences...nothing like GoW.


Infamous SS is a fast paced sandbox.


Horizon Zero Dawn is more comparible to BotW than any other Sony game, and even then it is still unique.


Knack 2 is an action 3D platformer.


I mean come on. are you really trying to say Sony makes their games the same?  That would be MS, who pretty much seems to cancel anything that is different from their usual formula.  I am suprised Sea of Thieves made it, and despite the low scores, it is the one XBox exclusive to interest me since Sunset Overdrive.


But I digress...


God of War needed to evolve, Acension proved that.  SSM did an amazing job with this sequel/reboot and I do not agree with most points made by this guy.  While you cannot please everyone, the incredible reception of the game is proof that they made the right decision to change the focus and mix it up.

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I for one do not understand all the praise this game is getting. I just left alfheim realm and went back to midgaurd. I have been playing for several hours and it feels like it is getting more boring. I just want a fun hack-n-slash with qte's. I hate the rpg elements as well, it forces me to waste time retracing steps looking for loot and that is just not the type of gameplay I enjoy. I don't care about this stupid kid or his stupid mom. I'm tired of listening to him whine about how much he misses his dead mother. And yes, kratos is hurting too but he can't show emotions, I get it. Is there anything more to the story? At what point does it get good? Only one good boss battle so far in all my hours of playing. Previous god of war's I would have taken down a couple building sized foes by now.

KLXVER said:
The only ones that will copy the style of GOW is developers who aren't really very original or just jumps on anything popular anyway. Bayonetta or Devil May Cry are not suddenly going to become just like GOW, unless the developers really have run out of ideas or just wants money and doesn't care.

To be fair, Kamiya has said that God of War was a major inspiration for Bayonetta. You can take things from other games without it losing value or being cheapened.

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I have to say that I agree to an extent. I also really don't like all this cinematic stuff that is so popular these days. But you know what? I won't complain about it. A lot of people really seem to enjoy these type of games. At the end of the day, it's just not for me and that is ok. It's not bad for the industry as there are tons and tons of alternatives. You never had a greater choice of games than today!

So if you don't like the game, like me, just leave it at that. There's no point to go on a rant or something. The game has its obvious qualities. If the genre itself doesn't suit you, just do it like I do and don't play it.

That is all.

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KLAMarine said:

TheGamingBrit didn't originally intend to play this game since he didn't like what he was seeing in previews. He did this video after so many were bothering him to review it.

TGB addresses some of these things in the video (5:55, 15:55)

What about point 4 is not true? I'm not sure I'm following your logic here.

Over the shoulder camera is another similarity, emphasis on story, puzzles that are solved in cooperation with companion. Not saying these are bad things, just that these aspects are similar between the two games.

The previous God of Wars were single-player games too! That's sort of besides the point however, TGB's concern is this new God of War's success could influence other hack-and-slash games to start incorporating these TLoU conventions, conventions he's not a fan of.

K so he shouldn't go around posting a review as he is the only one who sees the truth when the fact is you he is biased. 

He can adress it as much as he wants, fact of the matter is stats are just stats, increasing them should not and will never change gameplay, not at large, they do in a way, if you have more defense and therefore can absorb more blows you migth get more reckless, if you deal more damage you might choose to rush a particularly dangerous enemy to get him out of the equation quickly and whatnot.

Being a fan of the old games does not mean you will dislike this, you claimed it would (or The Gamming Brit did). This new game has imense respect for the series as a whole, its quite beautfull to be honest, anyone whos a true fan will notice it real quickly.

None of those things are TLoU's inventions, those things happen in like 1 billion other games. And the puzzle part isn't even right, Kratos solves 99% of the puzzles by himself, when you need Atreus it is to shoot a magic arrow at some exploding thing or something like that, and you need to command him to do it so its not like getting a wooden raft for Ellie to cross a river at all. If the new GoW had no companion no one would be comapring it to TLoU. Also the old GoW had a tom of puzzles, probably more than this one has.

GoW always had a story, its just much better now than it was before, the game having an extra faccet does not make it worse, it makes it much better. Ive played the game for like 60 hours, at least 90% of those were exploring/navigating the environment and fighting, wich is exactly what you always did in this series, the main focus of the game is still the action and exploration. The combat is different but its just another take at hack and slash, one may prefer the old one over the new one, fine, but saying the gamming having a well developed story is somehow a detractor is wierd. Ppl with this mentaly is exactly the reaosn why all we get today are dumb multiplayer games with no substance at all.

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KLAMarine said:
Nem said:

I'm gonna assume it's not a real depression.

I don't think it was a real depression either but he certainly sounded very bummed by the end of the video at the encroachment of cinematic elements.

Nem said:

I have bought it but not played yet. I do enjoy the old style outright cause i'm not a fan of the Souls type formula.

But heck, same thing happened with Resident Evil 7. Rather than be depressed, admit that the series doesn't appeal to you in this form and don't buy the games. Go for something else.

Well the YouTuber in question, TheGamingBrit, didn't want to play this new God of War but many in his viewership forced his hand.

Nem said:

I dislike what RE7 has become and i walked away from the series aslong as it is that way. It simply doesn't interest me. I tried to find what i enjoy in the evil within series instead. Even if that series ends, i'm still not interested in FP RE and simply won't play it. I have no interest.

Speaking of Resident Evil 7, I'm a tremendous fan of Resident Evil 4 and that was a drastic departure from the initial RE formula. Prior to RE4, I played RE on the GameCube and didn't like it too much. The controls just seemed terrible to me.

I'll forever love RE4 but I can now sort of see why some RE fans might not be too fond of it.

Nem said:

So... move on? If the series changed to something you don't like, give it a pass. Play some Bayonetta or Devil may cry instead.

Here's to Bayonetta and DMC staying true to the hack-and-slash formula.

I really doubt Kamiya would change Bayonetta. It will 100% be more of the same hack and slash we all love.

Devil may cry... who knows? Fingers crossed though.

No, this idea that games need to be formulaic and never change is bad for the industry. it's one of the reasons i didn't like the most recent ratchet and clank. it's prettier than the previous games but does nothing different. sure, maybe it's good if you haven't played the previous games that did the same things only better. I hope they change things up a bit in the next game. I'm glad Santa Monica made the changes they did to God of War it's still fundamentally the same but it adds elements from other games to make it feel fresh.

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KLAMarine said:
Snoorlax said:

I love the original God of War series and it's "fuck your feelings" attitude, we need more games and movies like this.

But the gameplay was getting stale and Ascension was proof of that so it needed to try something new. 

I've heard this viewpoint before but why seek inspiration from The Last of Us? The two franchises are very different.

And i agree with you, the thing is that The Last of Us and it's story over gameplay parent - child narative is the new trend in games to easily win over gamers and critics. God of War might be a great game but it's not what i would call a "God of War game"

The best thing about this thread is how many people who like the game are now admitting it's a Last of Us clone. A few weeks ago, you couldn't get them to budge on this fact.

In time, once the hype is dead, everyone will agree with this dude.

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