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KLAMarine said:

TheGamingBrit didn't originally intend to play this game since he didn't like what he was seeing in previews. He did this video after so many were bothering him to review it.

TGB addresses some of these things in the video (5:55, 15:55)

What about point 4 is not true? I'm not sure I'm following your logic here.

Over the shoulder camera is another similarity, emphasis on story, puzzles that are solved in cooperation with companion. Not saying these are bad things, just that these aspects are similar between the two games.

The previous God of Wars were single-player games too! That's sort of besides the point however, TGB's concern is this new God of War's success could influence other hack-and-slash games to start incorporating these TLoU conventions, conventions he's not a fan of.

K so he shouldn't go around posting a review as he is the only one who sees the truth when the fact is you he is biased. 

He can adress it as much as he wants, fact of the matter is stats are just stats, increasing them should not and will never change gameplay, not at large, they do in a way, if you have more defense and therefore can absorb more blows you migth get more reckless, if you deal more damage you might choose to rush a particularly dangerous enemy to get him out of the equation quickly and whatnot.

Being a fan of the old games does not mean you will dislike this, you claimed it would (or The Gamming Brit did). This new game has imense respect for the series as a whole, its quite beautfull to be honest, anyone whos a true fan will notice it real quickly.

None of those things are TLoU's inventions, those things happen in like 1 billion other games. And the puzzle part isn't even right, Kratos solves 99% of the puzzles by himself, when you need Atreus it is to shoot a magic arrow at some exploding thing or something like that, and you need to command him to do it so its not like getting a wooden raft for Ellie to cross a river at all. If the new GoW had no companion no one would be comapring it to TLoU. Also the old GoW had a tom of puzzles, probably more than this one has.

GoW always had a story, its just much better now than it was before, the game having an extra faccet does not make it worse, it makes it much better. Ive played the game for like 60 hours, at least 90% of those were exploring/navigating the environment and fighting, wich is exactly what you always did in this series, the main focus of the game is still the action and exploration. The combat is different but its just another take at hack and slash, one may prefer the old one over the new one, fine, but saying the gamming having a well developed story is somehow a detractor is wierd. Ppl with this mentaly is exactly the reaosn why all we get today are dumb multiplayer games with no substance at all.

Last edited by DakonBlackblade - on 30 April 2018