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KLAMarine said:
Nem said:

I'm gonna assume it's not a real depression.

I don't think it was a real depression either but he certainly sounded very bummed by the end of the video at the encroachment of cinematic elements.

Nem said:

I have bought it but not played yet. I do enjoy the old style outright cause i'm not a fan of the Souls type formula.

But heck, same thing happened with Resident Evil 7. Rather than be depressed, admit that the series doesn't appeal to you in this form and don't buy the games. Go for something else.

Well the YouTuber in question, TheGamingBrit, didn't want to play this new God of War but many in his viewership forced his hand.

Nem said:

I dislike what RE7 has become and i walked away from the series aslong as it is that way. It simply doesn't interest me. I tried to find what i enjoy in the evil within series instead. Even if that series ends, i'm still not interested in FP RE and simply won't play it. I have no interest.

Speaking of Resident Evil 7, I'm a tremendous fan of Resident Evil 4 and that was a drastic departure from the initial RE formula. Prior to RE4, I played RE on the GameCube and didn't like it too much. The controls just seemed terrible to me.

I'll forever love RE4 but I can now sort of see why some RE fans might not be too fond of it.

Nem said:

So... move on? If the series changed to something you don't like, give it a pass. Play some Bayonetta or Devil may cry instead.

Here's to Bayonetta and DMC staying true to the hack-and-slash formula.

I really doubt Kamiya would change Bayonetta. It will 100% be more of the same hack and slash we all love.

Devil may cry... who knows? Fingers crossed though.