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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony FY2017 - HW 19 Million Sold, SW 246.9 Million Sold. 79 Million Shipped Ending March 31st.

BlackBeauty said:
Why are people surprised by the forecast? It’s literally dead in japan.

PS5 is coming close I feel.

You literally don't know the meaning of the word literally. Words matter, please choose them them wisely :)

Some recent sales numbers from Japan in March.

PlatformWeekly (change)Total
NS 44,874 (+12%) 3,823,113
PS4 19,987 (-43%) 6,457,900
3DS 11,385 (+4%) 23,995,282
PSV 6,609 (+36%) 5,759,075
XOne 256 (-13%) 93,062

Xbox One is figuratively dead, due to its low sales in Japan. If Xbox One sold 0 units, then it would literally be dead :). Xbox One is on life support in Japan.

Agreed that Sony aren't selling as well as Switch in Japan, at the moment, but they are hardly dead. It will be interesting to see how the unit sales change in April with God of War being reviewed well, even in Japan. 

I'm still of the opinion that Switch, like Wii, is another rather big fad. By the end of 2018 everyone's Switch will be sitting in the closet right next to their Wiis. Power to Nintendo for tapping into the right fad every couple years and keeping their investors happy. Let's hope they don't release a Switch-U.

Lastly, not doing well in 1 region doesn't automatically mean a new console is on the horizon. If that was a valid console release strategy Microsoft would need to release a new console every year because they systematically do badly in Japan. They just don't understand the Japanese market. I'm hoping one day the penny will drop and they'll be competitive there, eventually.

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PS4 is still 180k up this year in Japan thanks to Monster Hunter, so I don't think there is any need to panic after a quiet month. We know it's not going to sell great at any point in Japan anymore but it's still going along well enough.

16m seems like a good estimate. Not sure why people think this makes a Q1 2019 release more likely. Who would replace their console when it's still selling 16m a year and nearing 100m sold, and making you well over a billion in profit? Sales so far this year show the PS4 is selling great without a price cut, so why rush it? Go along nicely for the rest of the year, have BF sales, and cut the price Feb/Mar 2019. Then you have Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima to push sales also.PS5 is going to be 2020 for sure.

16m is a quite incredible forecast for a consoles sixth financial year. And 264.9m software in one year is phenomenal too

UltimateGamer1982 said:

PlayStation had an operating profit of $1.6 Billion.

Current number of PS plus subscribers - 34.2 Million! 

Gratulation @PS4

And respect for your work, Sony is investing the most money in video game productions in recent years - that's really great for us and the players!

Over 34m ps plus subscribers. 8m increase. Insanity. They'll probably have over 40m subs within 12 months.

Now last years original forcast was only 2m higher then this one. Expect it to be increased and for the ps4 to sell 17 or 18m.

Sony must be looking at the games this year and thinking they can easily sell 17 or 18m at the current price + holiday deals. So they're going for major profit. Software sales will be monstrous, digital ratio increasing and ps plus over 40m. Plus a huge margin on hardware. They are likely building a war chest of profits to invest into next gen.

Personally I've predicted a ps4 Pro slim, and ps4 super slim at e3 with a price cut but maybe that won't happen. If not then it will be next year. It would be funny if FY2018 was say 17.5m sales and then FY19 increased to 20m+. If the above happens it's possible.

So with titles such as detroit, god of war, spiderman, rdr2 among the other block busters hitting this year Sony must be confident a €300 machine can keep selling big numbers.

derpysquirtle64 said:
KBG29 said:
Interesting numbers. Is the drastic drop in PS4 sales down to deciding on no price drop this year? Are they planning to unviel PS5 at PSX? Something else completely? Very interesting forecasting.

On another note, G&NS fell just short of surpassing Financials as the top earner for the company, but should finally take the crown next FY.

Sony Mobile continues to be absolutely worthless, sales continue to fall, and they're back to making losses. This division the worst ran business in the history of the company. They make they have been a year 1 PS3 level disaster for almost a decade now, but instead of having a great product that can actually be turned around, they are just garbage devices running a Non Sony OS, and connected to a Non Sony Store Front. Absolute waste of time, money, resources, talent, patents, and more.

Overall, Sony has really turned things around. Most divisions are making a profit, and some are making quite significant returns. But, man oh man, is there a lot left on the table. If they ever get around to running on a unified front, they are going to do some incredible things. Getting all of their devices running on their own OS and Store, and creating a One Sony experience across every product is the key they are missing. Hope Kenichiro Yoshidia can finally accomplish this.

It is a nice wishful thinking but I still don’t understand how Sony will attract developers to their mobile OS. Even Microsoft with all their resources failed to enter mobile market. I’m almost 100% sure that if they drop android, their mobile division will lose them even more money than they are losing now. Because there won’t be anyone who would buy a phone without apps. 

I'd ignore him when it comes to OSs. He's obsessed with Sony coming out with their own global OS for their phones, computers, and consoles, even though it makes absolutely no sense at this point in time and would be about a decade or so too late to even make a dent in that market. 

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celador said:
PS4 is still 180k up this year in Japan thanks to Monster Hunter, so I don't think there is any need to panic after a quiet month. We know it's not going to sell great at any point in Japan anymore but it's still going along well enough.

16m is a quite incredible forecast for a consoles sixth financial year. And 264.9m software in one year is phenomenal too

It would be up alot more if there wasnt stock issues constantly the last two months (holding it back).
PS4 is not even close to dead in japan, if its doing better than last year dispite there being really low stock to buy.

16m is low imo.... last year it shipped 18.5m and sold through 20.6m as Klaudkill stated earlier on in the thread.

Why would it only do 16m this year? (down 4,6m from last?) if it has God of War, Spiderman, Detroit,... ect this year, and the option to go to 199$? Its a pessimistic/very conservative forecast.

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GribbleGrunger said:
LOL ... the single region arguments make me giggle.

You need to change your name to GiggleGrunger, lol. And I agree with you. PS4 is currently above its sale YOY in the region and also has been supply constrained for about a month, as well. It just needs more supply and a lower price. 

@ OP

I wouldn't worry about the forecast. Sony was conservative last year, too. I'm sure they'll raise it by at least 1M in the coming months. However, it does point to a price cut not happening until late this year. We'll probably get one to $199 for BF, with a permanent one to $249 after.

Also, I'm feeling even more confident about late 2019 for PS5. We have the dev kit rumors out there. Sony is expecting to see a decline in  PS4 sales in FY2018, with another slightly larger one undoubtedly in FY2019, even without PS5 launching. And now Sony has announced they have increased R&D. The picture is coming together. 

Does this include PS+? I assume it has to.

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Whats the surplus from the last FY?

Cause whatever that surplus is plus what they plan on shipping this year can paint a better picture of how much they really plan on selling.