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Over 34m ps plus subscribers. 8m increase. Insanity. They'll probably have over 40m subs within 12 months.

Now last years original forcast was only 2m higher then this one. Expect it to be increased and for the ps4 to sell 17 or 18m.

Sony must be looking at the games this year and thinking they can easily sell 17 or 18m at the current price + holiday deals. So they're going for major profit. Software sales will be monstrous, digital ratio increasing and ps plus over 40m. Plus a huge margin on hardware. They are likely building a war chest of profits to invest into next gen.

Personally I've predicted a ps4 Pro slim, and ps4 super slim at e3 with a price cut but maybe that won't happen. If not then it will be next year. It would be funny if FY2018 was say 17.5m sales and then FY19 increased to 20m+. If the above happens it's possible.

So with titles such as detroit, god of war, spiderman, rdr2 among the other block busters hitting this year Sony must be confident a €300 machine can keep selling big numbers.