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GribbleGrunger said:
LOL ... the single region arguments make me giggle.

You need to change your name to GiggleGrunger, lol. And I agree with you. PS4 is currently above its sale YOY in the region and also has been supply constrained for about a month, as well. It just needs more supply and a lower price. 

@ OP

I wouldn't worry about the forecast. Sony was conservative last year, too. I'm sure they'll raise it by at least 1M in the coming months. However, it does point to a price cut not happening until late this year. We'll probably get one to $199 for BF, with a permanent one to $249 after.

Also, I'm feeling even more confident about late 2019 for PS5. We have the dev kit rumors out there. Sony is expecting to see a decline in  PS4 sales in FY2018, with another slightly larger one undoubtedly in FY2019, even without PS5 launching. And now Sony has announced they have increased R&D. The picture is coming together.