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celador said:
PS4 is still 180k up this year in Japan thanks to Monster Hunter, so I don't think there is any need to panic after a quiet month. We know it's not going to sell great at any point in Japan anymore but it's still going along well enough.

16m is a quite incredible forecast for a consoles sixth financial year. And 264.9m software in one year is phenomenal too

It would be up alot more if there wasnt stock issues constantly the last two months (holding it back).
PS4 is not even close to dead in japan, if its doing better than last year dispite there being really low stock to buy.

16m is low imo.... last year it shipped 18.5m and sold through 20.6m as Klaudkill stated earlier on in the thread.

Why would it only do 16m this year? (down 4,6m from last?) if it has God of War, Spiderman, Detroit,... ect this year, and the option to go to 199$? Its a pessimistic/very conservative forecast.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 27 April 2018