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Forums - Politics Discussion - Can the Rape Culture in the West be Reduced with Guns?

Ka-pi96 said:
The US already has guns... and still has plenty of rapes, so clearly the answer is no.

Statistically, how many people that get raped own a gun or had it with them?

A lot of people who get raped may not even be old enough to have a gun.

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If I were to look at the west, and then look at the middle east... I'd say rape culture doesn't exist in the west. We should focus on the more series issue of what is happening the middle east towards women, and children. The west is like a Disney show compared to them.

John2290 said:
pokoko said:
Rape culture, victim culture, drug culture. health culture, fat culture, cat culture. Goodness, we live in so many cultures all at the same time. I hope people keep adding more in order to make problems look grandiose and all-encompassing.

That would be some odd multiculturealism. Gangs of pharmaceutical  addicted druggies raping people in fat, cat furry suits. 

Academy Awards winner scenario right here! 

Just another media beat up to create fear within society. Terrible reporting that only gives one side of a story. The media try to make Western society to be worse than an impoverished third world nation run by a tin pot dictator.

No, we don´t have a "rape culture" in most of the world and no, guns don´t solve things, education does.

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At the very least, the premise is more likely to help than the reverse. I doubt Gun Culture will be reduced with Rape.

But both sound like bad ideas.

Since many of our members seem to have reached the disingenuous conclusion that there is no such thing as a rape-positive climate in the Western world, I have a few challenges for those individuals.

The first challenge is how you explain the fact that #MeToo originated in the United States. What was that a response to, would you say?

The second challenge is how you explain the fact that Donald Trump is my president right now, being as he won election shortly AFTER being caught on video boasting about sexually attacking women on a routine basis. Would you say that his election signaled public disapproval of such actions?

As a third challenge, how does one explain the testimony of the public itself concerning the commonality of sexual harassment and violence in America?  According to a recent, comprehensive national survey on the subject:

-81% of women and 43% of men surveyed say that they have experienced sexual harassment before.
-27% of women and 7% of men surveyed say that they been sexually attacked before (up from 18% and 2% respectively in the most similar survey from 2010).

I will add that both of those statistics include me personally.

In fact, wittingly or otherwise, you (any given individual) in all likelihood actively participate in rape-positive culture on a daily basis. Here's a particularly obvious example of how: demographically speaking, the average member of this message board consumes online pornography routinely. What are the social roles that one is thereby feeding their brains? The essential thing that one inescapably learns from pornography is that, supposedly, women derive pleasure from any and all dominant behavior that a man can possibly exhibit, up to and frequently including the violation of basic consent. Hell, even being mutilated in a sexual context is commonly portrayed as pleasurable for the female party or parties! You don't think that might have any cumulative impact on what sort of behavior one is willing to let slide in the real world?

My point is that the evidence of what many feminists refer to as rape-positive culture is right in front of your faces! It's frankly hard to miss. One has to try to miss it anymore. The fact that there are more extreme expressions thereof to be found in some other countries (such as the fact that women who speak out against sexual harassment and violence  are actively censored in China, for instance) does not preclude this reality or render it okay in my mind. I regard the "Third World women have it worse, so you can't complain" line of argument to be an opportunistic one used predominantly by First World men to strategically divide women against each other so that we do not think about inconvenient things like what we have in common and the shared source of these oppressions.

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I was thinking about commenting omething but I don't like to voluntarily walk into minefields.

Jaicee said:


I wish I was as eloquent as you were, this is a great post and hopefully brings the situation more to light/makes it more understandable.

I'm pretty sure the US doesn't have a rape culture.

Proud to be a Californian.