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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy coming to Switch

Seems like I'd enjoy it better in the Switch since I really didn't play it much on PS4 but I won't. I've had my nostalgia itch scratched. I'm good.

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I wonder how all 3 versions will do compared to the PS4 version.

Farsala said:
I wonder how all 3 versions will do compared to the PS4 version.

Would not surprise me if the Switch version outsells the Xbone version.

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Considering neither Sony nor Activision ever called this exclusive at press events, this is not surprising.

Cool for Switch users. hope it runs well

Was waiting a whole year for this announcement! N-Sane!

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Crash Bandicoot in Smash confirmed then.


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Nice. But the calendar got suddenly too crowded for this spring/summer ... I'll take it during a not so much crowded period.

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Hm, I may buy this. Idk, not really feeling Crash at the moment.

A link or source would be nice to have in the OP.

That's great, I hope it sells well on switch and the rest of the platforms.