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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy coming to Switch

gonna have to double dip on this

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Gimme gimme gimme!

crash will launch on X1 and Pc too


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Wahoooiiii! You have my 💰!!!!



We reap what we sow

I never play any crash game before, wonder if I should get this. Let see the price first

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So it's official

Going to skip this though, since I'm not a big platformer fan

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Nice, but I already have the remasters for PS4 and the original PS1 games for Vita.

You guys have NO IDEA how hyped I am for this. I've been saying this wasn't exclusive ever since the first reveal and it feels so good to be right!

Easily the best announcement from the Direct for me.

Edit: Changed my avatar because sure, why not? I was tired of the old one anyways =P

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Proxy-Pie said:

Just announced in the direct. Coming July 10th.

Could you add xbone and pc in the title. 

Didn't think much when they launched on PS4. Definite skip.

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