Forums - General Discussion - If you had to live in another country, what would be your preference?

Living in Japan at the moment, so excluding it and my home country (Australia), I'd pick New Zealand, mostly for its similarities to Australia, laid-back style and great environment.

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Do you mean live temporarily or as a citizen?

I'd probably do Singapore.

Pinkie_pie said:
Ive seen my friend worked long hours every day even though she didn't wantto. She said she had to stay for as long as she can because if she left before everyone else her boss would think she's lazy. The so called overtime were spent keeping an eye out for when the boss left then she got out of the office like a shot

Not to mention traffic is congested as hell in Japan ... 

I get a little irritated from living in cities sometimes but crowds and cramped spaces aggravate the shit out of me like Japan does ...


I lived there for a few years and really enjoyed it, so I wouldn't living there some more.



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Canada, right on the border with Illinois.

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Either USA. Germany or Austria

New zealand or Japan.


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Any other country in western and northern Europe (so basically all the countries where Germanic languages are spoken + France). Canada would be fine too.

Switzerland. I suck at languages though so that would be a problem.