Forums - General Discussion - If you had to live in another country, what would be your preference?

England. It’s where I am.

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Japan of course


As I can only speak English... Canada, Ireland, America or New Zealand.

Probably Canada.

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I'd say Italy (my ancestors' country), Canada (though it would have to be a Southern area like Toronto as I don't I could deal with the extreme cold - can barely tolerate Chicago weather), Australia, New Zealand, or Japan (live in the US)


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Finale said:

Any country where a ps4 don't cost the equivalent of 900 us dolars.

900 dollars? Let me guess, you're from Brazil?

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New Zealand for sure. Never forget Frodo.

Otherwise Canada, Japan or Europe’s lil diamond Croatia.

Most definitely New Zealand. Beautiful country, great climate, it's safe, uncrowded, with friendly, laidback people, fantastic food and I wouldn't have to learn new language.

Pinkie_pie said:
Japan a good place to visit but not to live. I'd choose Canada since it's very similar to Australia

How so? Canada is very very liberal. Australia’s very very conservative, politically.

Just the lifestyle I suppose. Clean tap water, health care, diversity in languages, prices and strict gun laws. Sorry some reason I can't quote reply using my phone

I'm in the UK but if I had to move somewhere else to work it would probably Canada, Australia or New Zealand however if I was basically moving somewhere without having to worry about money it might be somewhere like Taiwan or somewhere more exotic where I didn't have to worry about finding employment but could really just enjoy exploring a radically different culture to my own.