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Forums - Gaming Discussion - "Impossible" ports

numberwang said:
FF15 on switch was quite a miracle


kazuyamishima said:
The Witcher 3 complete edition and shadow of war on the switch.

Those are great ports.

How about we not troll for no reason, ok?

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hmmm.. some games that come to my mind are Doom 1 on Snes, Doom 3 on Xbox, Half Life 2 on Xbox, The Witcher 2 on x360, Rise of the Tomb Raider on x360, MGSV: The Phantom Pain on Ps3 and X360, MGS3 on 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS, Injustice on Ps Vita and some others that i dont remember now.


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Resi 2 on GBA !( But not released.)

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Doom on my 2001 Nokia phone. It did brick the phone though :/

Quake on Sega Saturn was quite an achievement; Digital Foundry even did a video on it:

h2ohno said:

The COD games on Wii. To have the full Modern Warfare campaign on the little system is still astonishing.

Agreed; MW3 especially was a stunning feat, I frequently found myself wondering "how the heck is this running on Wii?" during its more demanding setpieces.

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Borderlands 2 on vita while not a great port by any means it was the perfect little pocket shooter. I had alot of fun with it anyway, shame they couldnt get that framerate locked

Always loved Super Mario 64 DS, I personally rank it amongst the best portable experiences of its era.

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My buddy actually has a couple different video series on exactly this! He's done some awesome stuff regarding handheld games that pushed the system visually, and has a video on Driver 3's GBA version which looks amazing for the system. He also has a Max Payne one that I think did the rounds on YouTube for a bit. Whenever I see him talking about weird ports and such, it blows me away. for reference - the Driver 3 video!


Edit: To contribute more directly, the two Johns behind Doom porting Mario 3 to DOS, which was thought to be impossible, is always a personal favorite. But that didn't release so I don't know if that's fair to count. 

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Here's some of the one's that blew me away.

Max Payne on the GBA

Doom on GBA

Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii

Metal Gear Solid 5 360 and PS3

Half Life 2 original Xbox

animegaming said:

Half Life 2 original Xbox

Meanwhile, on PC:
(Well, no. The game was updated on PC)