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Forums - Sony Discussion - Kotaku "Spyro Trilogy Remaster Coming to PS4 This Year"


are you getting it?

yes! nostalgia overload. 22 53.66%
maybe, need to see how it turns out first. 10 24.39%
nope! never enjoyed spyro, wont now. 5 12.20%
check results. 4 9.76%

This is such a megaton for me!

I love Crash but I love Spyro even more

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Have the originals, love them, do not need.

Yes. Yes please!

Spyro was my first console game! :)

Never played it. Looking forward to it.

SuperNova said:

Yes. Yes please!

Spyro was my first console game! :)

One of my first console games as well together with Gran Turismo, Crash, Tekken 3 and Rayman. A little later Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Dino Crisis, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy. So many classics

Spyro's opening theme is pure nostalgia for me:

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never been a huge fan of Spyro, but if no games are coming out around the time it releases,then id pick it up just to pick it up. More excited for Medievil. Hopefully this ends up true though for the fans of the series

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Oh yes, Ripto's Rage my all time fave of the series.


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Xen said:
DivinePaladin said:

Having just played Tomba! 2, I feel a dual-pack of remasters would need a lot more work than what'd go into Medievil or the Spyro games - lots of dated concepts that might not be fixable without changing much of the core game!

I would agree, or I would argue, if I remembered anything that made it "dated" I played Tombi (the original) last in 2009, and it was perfectly fine for me then.

Tomba! 1 seems mostly harmless outside of some strange difficulty curve jumping and crap boss "fights" - 2, on the other hand, is INCREDIBLY dated, imo! Poor pacing; lots of filler; the 2.5D mechanics don't work as well as in the first game, due to the 3D graphics; the game becomes a Metroidvania lite but only out of  nowhere, after like five hours; so on and so forth. (I just did a review of the game a few days ago, so a ton of this is fresh in my mind!)


Remaking that one could certainly take a lot more time unless they do it spot for spot, and leave in all the problems!

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PS4 really is the console of dreams

So good

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Everyone seems to be taking an interest in this one XD.

Thanks a lot! :3