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Forums - Sony Discussion - Kotaku "Spyro Trilogy Remaster Coming to PS4 This Year"


are you getting it?

yes! nostalgia overload. 22 53.66%
maybe, need to see how it turns out first. 10 24.39%
nope! never enjoyed spyro, wont now. 5 12.20%
check results. 4 9.76%
DivinePaladin said:
Xen said:

Medievil, and now probably this?

I only wish they did it with more obscure titles, like Tombi or Kula World.

Having just played Tomba! 2, I feel a dual-pack of remasters would need a lot more work than what'd go into Medievil or the Spyro games - lots of dated concepts that might not be fixable without changing much of the core game!

I would agree, or I would argue, if I remembered anything that made it "dated" I played Tombi (the original) last in 2009, and it was perfectly fine for me then.

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Heavenly_King said:

can you share the link for a bigger pic of your avatar? pls :)

Everyone seems to be taking an interest in this one XD.

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Amazing if true! Definitely a must have for me!

If it's true, I would like to play it sometime.

So PS4 1y exclusive same like Crash Trilogy.

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Hooo ... Fancy !

Played it back with our PS1, though unless they add something extra, it won't be worth much.

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I never played the Spyro games but they seem as something I'd really enjoy, so I'm definitely looking forward to this.

Make it happen, make it happen and watch the sales just roll in.

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Miyamotoo said:
So PS4 1y exclusive same like Crash Trilogy.

Looks like it and it makes sense, imo. While the games were not exclusives as of like early 2000s, they got their start on PS consoles. What better way to test the waters than focusing all efforts on one console and see the turnout. If the reception is positive and the sales are good, the ports to other consoles are icing on the cake. Crash and Spyro are perfect for the Switch, they'd be losing money not making ports.

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If crash doesn't come to X1/Switch this year, it might release as a $60 double pack with spyro in 2019.

Nevertheless, I'm hyped.

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