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Forums - Sony Discussion - Kotaku "Spyro Trilogy Remaster Coming to PS4 This Year"


are you getting it?

yes! nostalgia overload. 22 53.66%
maybe, need to see how it turns out first. 10 24.39%
nope! never enjoyed spyro, wont now. 5 12.20%
check results. 4 9.76%

I'll be getting this digital day 1. Crash trilogy and spyro trilogy on my ps4 this year. A dream come true.

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The look of Spyro looks unique compared to other similar games. I will probably get this if it ends up being true.

Massive news, if true, for those of us that grew up with this on PS1! Definite Second 1!


Never played a Spyro game, so I might get it on Switch later on if this ends up being true. There's always space for more 3D platformers in my life =P

Great to see further confirmation of Crash coming to other systems though, first Eurogamer and now Kotaku as well, can't wait!

My heart is singing with joy if this comes true! Crash HD Trilogy was perfect and I can't think of it being no different with Spyro HD Trilogy!

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CGI-Quality said:
Massive news, if true, for those of us that grew up with this on PS1! Definite Second 1!

I wanted to say "second one", but then saw the ambiguity of that statement

You know, this makes sense on why Switch would get this one year later, considering the rumors about the Switch getting Crash this year. It’s plausible they would make Spyro a year after they put Crash on the system. plus then Sony is happy they get it exclusively for a year.

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Xen said:

Medievil, and now probably this?

I only wish they did it with more obscure titles, like Tombi or Kula World.

Having just played Tomba! 2, I feel a dual-pack of remasters would need a lot more work than what'd go into Medievil or the Spyro games - lots of dated concepts that might not be fixable without changing much of the core game!

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I'll buy it - trade it in after I finish it, only buy buy it again a month later on digital, since I'll start missing it again.
At least that's what happened to me with Crash :P

Chazore said:
Cool, nice to see it hitting other platforms later on. Though I'll be waiting for a sale by then

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