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Xen said:
DivinePaladin said:

Having just played Tomba! 2, I feel a dual-pack of remasters would need a lot more work than what'd go into Medievil or the Spyro games - lots of dated concepts that might not be fixable without changing much of the core game!

I would agree, or I would argue, if I remembered anything that made it "dated" I played Tombi (the original) last in 2009, and it was perfectly fine for me then.

Tomba! 1 seems mostly harmless outside of some strange difficulty curve jumping and crap boss "fights" - 2, on the other hand, is INCREDIBLY dated, imo! Poor pacing; lots of filler; the 2.5D mechanics don't work as well as in the first game, due to the 3D graphics; the game becomes a Metroidvania lite but only out of  nowhere, after like five hours; so on and so forth. (I just did a review of the game a few days ago, so a ton of this is fresh in my mind!)


Remaking that one could certainly take a lot more time unless they do it spot for spot, and leave in all the problems!

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