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Forums - Gaming Discussion - A Full, Concise Explanation On Bayonetta's Publishing Rights And Long Development.

Like, hopefully many of you, I am continuously baffled by the lack of understanding towards why PlatinumGames can't just publish or port games they literally do not have the rights to... They don't have the rights to those games. Personally, I don't understand why that is so hard to understand, Or why certain, weird comparisons are made to those who do own the properties they develop. Yes this hits a nerve.

Fortunately, Kamiya gave a concise and respectful explanation. just a few minutes ago. 

I was debating whether or not to put the whole set of tweets here but I figure it would take up a lot space or something or other.

Point is, there really shouldn't be any debate over this after this explanation.

Edit: here's the whole thing.

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far cooler than a reply of just


reading the 15 of them, the guy is really passionate about the project ever since Bayo 1, that much is very clear. Love of the IP really must help in the creation of a good game for it.

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Climax Edition, now that's funny shit

This is the way I see it:

I'm pretty sure literally no one who asks for Bayonetta 2 or 3 on other platforms, doesn't understand why it can't come. Seriously. The reason why people think they genuinely don't understand is that when they don't have any realistic basis to ask for a port, they back themselves into a corner and ask "Well why CAN'T it be done?" But everyone knows WHY. It's right there on the box.

Really this has become more of a game of what people want to happen than a game of how publishing rights are actually handled. The people who are disgruntled fans and want it on different platforms will continue to keep passionately tripping on their shoe laces, and the Nintendo fans that are happy they have an exclusive like this will keep using the facts that publishing rights make a port near impossible to try and ("'explain' publishing rights")gloat in a roundabout way.

I'm not saying anyone in this thread or even anyone on this website is doing this. But even as a kid or pre-teen publishing rights aren't rocket science. All you have to say is literally "this company is funding, they control the publishing, ports are a no no." But the point is, even if some people genuinely don't understand publishing, and even though it's great that we now have a thread explaining it ... I just think that if this keeps going on, it won't be about a lack of understanding anymore.

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Took him long enough to do this in a straight-to-the-point approach that was also RESPECTFUL, but at least he did.

Did an adult take him aside and explain to him why clear communication is better for business than just being an asshole?

Makes sense

Co-owned IPs seem more in a grey zone though

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And he couldn't have said this before being a complete asshole?
Still an explanation that leaves a lot of things desired. I'd rather he expand on the "Nintendo stepped in" part, because that's the most important thing here. Why Nintendo? Why not someone else? Why exactly at that point in time?

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finally a kamiya post where it didnt result in me having to go ask my mom lol

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