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Forums - General Discussion - Signs of being old?

At what age have you noticed you've gotten wrinkles on forehead crows feet on eyes or crusty skin any of 3 ? or all 3 I'm asking because I kinda wanna know if your life changed afterwards ?

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My life has not changed much.

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I've gotten a few gray hairs but I won't lie I've had a stray gray hair pop up every now and then since I was like 14-15 years old.

NobleTeam360 said:
I've gotten a few gray hairs but I won't lie I've had a stray gray hair pop up every now and then since I was like 14-15 years old.

Wow, 14-15 eh? I had guy a friend who started going VERY grey in his late 20's, and a girl friend who started going pretty grey in her early 30's.  I have a bit in my beard, which I grew out, but it looks pretty dope. Growing my hair out too and the tips in certain parts are grey. It looks good too imo. I totally pulled a gray hair from my ***** a couple days ago. No thanks! @op. Working out is different. The repair process for muscle has changed (slowed) a fair bit in just the last year for me. Sucks, but whadrugondo?

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I honestly don't age much. I've aged so very little in the past 20 years. I don't have wrinkles at all. No grey hairs at all. No balding. I have a babyface. You would think I was someone who was 20 years old or maybe a little younger.

I've got maybe a few grey hairs on my head, but I only really see them in my facial hair, also have some ginger ones despite there not being a single ginger person in my family, lol. I don't really have any wrinkles or look old from the outside, but on the inside I'm old as fuck, mainly due to my muscles and bones thanks to a little thing called epilepsy, seizures really put a toll on your body, and a few years ago my doctor said to me; "To cut to the chase, by the time you're thirty you're going to have the bones of a sixty year old..." I've got to say, I'm NOT looking forward to marrow transplants, nuh uh! :'(

I am in my 30's and I am not the youngest at work anymore and new people who are new talk differently to me, im getting slightly bold and grey, im getting old man

Time also seems to pass by faster, where when I was young it always seemed to go slow.

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Signs of being old: Death xD

Approaching 30 and my joints are already terrible (knees, back, elbows, shoulders in that order). High peaks in my hairline and creases in my cheeks. I worry what my quality of life will be when I'm actually old.