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Forums - General Discussion - Signs of being old?

I’ll be 36 in August but everyone swears I’m 20-25. Some even say 19. They’re shocked when I tell them I’ll be 40 in 4 years. I still have to show my ID if I ever buy beer. But I know I’m getting old regardless if my body shows it or not.

My back hurts all the time, crows feet, hates today’s music, tv shows, games and movies. Hate the way all the kids today have to abbreviate everything on the internet and I have no idea what they’re talking about.

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TallSilhouette said:
Rab said:

If your joints are hurting at such an early age, it could be inflammation from the foods you eat, like anything grain based, I would investigate that if I was you, also some supplements can reduce inflammation, if this continues it could be arthritis for which exercise and a non-inflammatory diet are the only controls       

I'm just way taller than humans were designed to be and after years of athletics my joints are suffering for it. I take glucosamine which helps and avoid stressful exercises these days.

Yeah being really tall has its issues, looks like your doing some of things you have to do to control the inflammation anyway, I still suggest cutting out foods known to cause inflammation and see what happens, if nothing changes go back to them, you have nothing really to lose, but a lot to gain, goodluck     

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People parking on my lawn really annoy me now :(

But I'm far more patient in traffic :) 

My life won't change because of my outside appearance. I'm more concerned with my fitness, slowed reaction speed and weakening immune system.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Age has nothing to do with experience...something iften confused by people.

As you get older...I'm now 33 two things stand out.

One don't feel your age mentally. You truly wonder if people view you as an adult.

And second. You realize that the world has so much to offer. The knowledge you possess no matter how in fact minuscule.

You do notice the signs...and will compare yourself to not only people your age but people of all ages sibce some of us age well and others just don't. So in return you become conscious of eating healthy snd exercise...almost naturally.

In all feels like I was 18 just a few years ago.

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Get grey hair on the sides. Waking up getting harder. Damned kids skateboarding on the sidewalk.

Ganoncrotch said:
the biggest sign I found was the difference when I complete the sum of Current Year - Year of Birth = X
Each year the answer seems to grow larger and I've not found a method to reverse this process yet.

Age isn't something which particularly matters to me, the main side effects of it are not the impact on me but on others, I'm well aware that it's unlikely I will be over 50 years old and have both or even one of my parents still alive, I'm gravely aware that my brother is both older than me and enjoys recreational drug use, his partner while older again also has a family history of degenerative cognitive defects in later life, with almost 100% of the female members of the family succumbing to them in relative youth, haha, it also reminds me that my cunt/ex wife is 6 years younger than me and will likely live to see a Star Wars movie + Stand alone film which I will not get to experience, unless Karma actually exists and she is consumed by a goat at some stage in her life.

But yeah.... how has my age impacted me? People trust me slightly more now when it comes to repairing PC's than they did when I was a little brat teen that is for sure, now I've got a face which suggests I'll fix it... rather than I'll steal it to download porn.... even though under the face I will still use it to download porn if my own laptop is out of power and something is required!


My age also impacts some of the way I refer to things as the previous paragraph should not have the term download in it, that is a throw back to being alive in the 80s/90s when downloading was a thing and the concept of streaming 1080p porn was just a pipe dream of the future... fuck it, I remember downloading porn... pictures...


That reminds me that my half-brother and sister had two dead parents before they were even 10 years old.

I already feel like I'm getting old despite turning 20 this year. The reason being that most of the games I play, music I listen to and movies I watch are decades old. The media I consume stops at around the mid-2000s mostly.

I can barely put my legs over my head anymore.

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