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Darwinianevolution said:
Nice. Now I can see this console overtaking the Wii, even the GB, if they are truth to their word. I wonder how are 3rd parties going to deal with the hardware 4-5 years down the line, if they decide to support it all the way.

Beating the Wii won't be all that hard, as the Switch will have longer legs and will be a lot more popular in Japan. 

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I love it. Bring on new Switch revision regularly to take advantage of new tech, and lower the point of entry. When the ecosystem is a little bigger, give us a 4G or 5G option with Calling and Texting. Let Switch take the company to new hieghts.

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Yeah, sounds good to me. If I can keep using it for longer than 6 years, I won't be complaining. Just keep on bringing the games.



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This makes me happy. I never liked the 5-year cycles.

That makes no sense at all. How to port any games over in 7 years. Forgett 7 years. How to play games in just 3 years?

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If it continues to do well, then I can see that happening Though if it for some reason, starts to die out, I don't see Nintendo obligated to hold on to it :p

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It is nice to have a dream but unless e are seeing some new games in the next couple years, it will flat line like Wii did towards the end of it's life.



zorg1000 said:
AlfredoTurkey said:

I think it would be cool to see it shrunken down to the size of a thin GBA without removable controllers. They could slide that right analog stick up, drop the face buttons down below, turn the fake d-pad on the left side into a real d-pad, remove all touch screen capabilities/dock port and call it the Switch Micro. A true hardcore handheld in the fashion of the Gameboy legacy. Sell it for $149.99. 

GBA size would give it like a 3-3.5" screen

Something closer to PSP/Vita size with a 4.5-5" screen is more likely.

As long as it would slide into my pocket with ease and not bother me, I'd be happy with it.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

I don't know, I don't think they'll have enough ports to do that ...

I think this is good especially if the PS4 ends up lasting say 7 years.

Meh, make ports of the ports. Easy fix. 

I can see the Switch having a five to six year life span, going beyond that probably would be only possible similar to as the 3DS is still being supported right now when outside of a few games it is pretty much dead. While I do think both Sony and MS are not going to rush out their new systems any time within the next 3 years, expecting the Switch to go beyond 5-6 is madness unless they plan on doing a "NEW" model with stronger architecture which now that I think about it is probably very much in the cards.