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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: Shadow Of The Colossus Reviews [92 Meta]

twintail said:
Xen said:

I wonder if Ico for example could get this treatment, as well?

No thanks. A simple enhanced port for Ico would be good enough. 

They should move onto something else, like Demons Souls. 

Haha. I was gonna argue at first, but I would prefer a DS "remake" as well.

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Great scores, next ICO Remake. :)

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Was not expecting it to score this well... PS4 is killing it yet again in the first quarter of the year.

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I was seriously expecting mid to high 80’s Meta for the game. A higher score than the original is incredible.

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Game of the year appeared so early this year. Let's go Colossi. 22-25mln PS4 sold this year? Why not.

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A very stong start... although I have yet to like a Ico Team game.

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not surprised don't know why folk are surprised . Still the best game by a sony first party(and one of my favorite games of all time). beat the original dozens of times and getting this first day!

Great start of the year for games on ps4, dbz with 88, MH with 91 and now this, seems like first half of 2018 can be even better than the first half of 2017

No surprise here the game was amazing on PS2 already, really recommend this to new players who like the art-style, great experience. I will deff pick it up at some point and replay but currently there are still some games I need to finish up :)

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I expected good reviews, but this is far above my expectations. It's great to see they've done a good job with the remake.