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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: Shadow Of The Colossus Reviews [92 Meta]

SvennoJ said:
It seems to be the game of the generation, every generation since the ps2 :)
Looking forward to play it for a 4th time, then again on ps5 in VR!

Another Game of Three Generations? That is a hard fight with FF X

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UUUGGGHH, i just got MHW, knock it off blueprint. I just realized this is $40 and it's $31.99 with prime. I'm essentially losing money NOT getting it.

I will definitely pick this up as i've not played the original.

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Never played it before but I will now. Got to give Sony credit for remasters. This and Ratchet and Clank where rebuild from the ground up and priced €40 at launch.

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Never played it either. I'll get it when it's $20 on sale

And so itbegins next up god of war


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I was not expecting a score that high. expected it to be 80-85. but a 93? wow. must be a really good remake!

Nice! I haven´t played it so this is something that I am really looking forward to.

Its an unique and awesome in this game is too good.

great to see the next sony game is getting high rewards

I only played a bit of the beginning for both the PS2 and PS3 version. I gave up on it because of the controls, but now I should finally be able to complete it. Can't wait!