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Forums - Movies Discussion - Which is better? MCU or DCU


Which one is better?

Marvel Cinematic Universe 173 75.88%
DC Cinematic Universe 55 24.12%

DCU hasn't got rolling imo and MCU has gotten complacent and cookie cutter. I personally prefer the FOX X-Men movies aside from F4.

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I would vote marvel if they can give me one decent foe until then dcu it is.

SecondWar said:
Lawlight said:
One thing that people also forget is that the MCU has more good movies, it also has more bad movies. But nothing as bad as Suicide Squad.

I have to ask, was Suicide Squad reqlly that bad, or just really disappointing? 

*Thinks back* yeah, it was that bad. Although I really do want to see more of Harley Quinn. I have this image of a Teen Titans movie, with Red Hood as the villian with a plot similar tomthe Under the Red Hood animated film, except instead of the Pengiun, RH uses Harley to draw the joker out. Its end with RH killing Harley, enraging the Joker who escapes whilst TT subdue RH, leading to an explsive face-off with Batman in a subsequent film.

A pipe dream, but still one I'm clinging in to.

That would be wrong. The joker doesn't care about Harley Quinn unlike what Suicide Squad tried to tell us.

Can I hate both?

Not really a fan of Superhero movies, especially after these but the Marvel Universe is more interesting, with everything tying together and different Hero movies are still linked together. DC is now starting to do this but are behind so will have to see

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not really a balanced question at the moment but I am going to vote for the DCU for the simple fact that I really enjoy the Nolan Batman moves far more than any of the Marvel movies, even if the Nolan movies are technically before a 'DCU Cinematic Universe' existed

Mandalore76 said:
Reason - They actually invested the time, effort, money, energy, etc into building up their universe. With DCU, it's a cheap cash grab of throwing a bunch of sh*t against the wall and hoping something sticks. It's like they set out with a plan at the time that Man of Steel released. But it wasn't as well received as they hoped, and then Green Lantern flopped. So, instead of making Man of Steel 2, they made Superman vs Batman. But they didn't just make Superman vs Batman, they had to simultaneously make Life and Death of Superman in the same movie. Superman had been in Action Comics since 1938 before the 1992 Life and Death of Superman. In the DCU, Superman has been on Earth for less than 2 years and the Death of Superman storyline is supposed to have any weight/gravity at all in that context??? And because that wasn't a sufficient set-up for Justice League on it's own, they had to throw in Wonder Woman too, even though Wonder Woman's standalone movie wasn't out yet. Next up, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash featuring in the Justice League with what, 5 seconds of screentime intro each?

MCU laid the blueprint on how to successfully craft a shared universe. Before Marvel attempted to bring The Avengers to the big screen, they laid the foundation with 2 Iron Man movies, 2 Hulk movies, 1 Captain America movie, and 1 Thor movie. That's 6 movies of world building and character introduction & foundation. They don't care if an Ant-Man standalone movie only grosses $300 million. Getting a minor character like that out in front of their audience and building him into their shared universe is what matters.

By contrast, the DCU is a text book example of how not to half-ass a shared universe. I wish Warner Bros/DC had the confidence to just do their own thing rather than insisting on trying to compete/play catch-up with Disney/Marvel. Adding bad cheesy jokes to their films doesn't make them funny or more light-hearted, it just makes the dialogue worse. And piling modern music into a film doesn't give you a great soundtrack like Guardians of the Galaxy. You actually have to edit them seamlessly into the movie. The first 10 minutes of Suicide Squad, they bombard you with 30 seconds of a different song, one after another after another so that each character introduction has it's own theme. But, that doesn't work. That's just getting beaten over the head by a really, really bad editor saying, "you like this song right? here's another famous song, you like this too right? here's another great song, you like this one too right? isn't this soundtrack awesome??" You take a look at the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and you realize how much better the current DC universe would be if they actually took the time to develop one character at a time instead of shoe-horning everything together just so they can get Justice League in theaters ASAP.

I really wish DC took their time with their Cinematic Universe like Marvel has but it is what it is at this point. They're in it for the money and not really for the fans, although they do seem to know what the fans like. It's just they aren't presenting it properly. Fox has done a better job with their 'events' than DC other than the Dark Phoenix which it seems they're attempting to try again. The Death of Superman thing upset me as well because it was way too soon. They really tried to pack too much into BvS and that's why it failed imo. It's like they heard the complaints of Marvel movies not having enough impact and went to the extreme. I feel like Wonder Woman was their best movie thus far but it had it's issues as well. For those of you that haven't seen it, just know it's no Dark Knight but it's good.

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Whichever has Batman.

Spider-Man is dope though.

Superman and Batman are my favorite comic book characters so I choose DC. I liked the first two Tobey Spiderman movies, thought the third was meh... didn't even bother with The Amazing Emo-Spiderman and haven't seen Homecoming. But outside of Spiderman, I don't like one single Marvel hero/superhero.

The one that doesn't have Deadpool. That movie was absolutely horrible.