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    so, what do you think about Super Mario Odyssey? Haven't seen any thoughts from you about it.

    Mixed feelings, the graphics are outdated, the artistic direction in the forest and city levels are a huge step back for the series, and I don't see anything interesting or innovating about the level design and the gameplay.
    I'm a huge fan of 3D mario, Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy are one of the best games ever made, and I was eagerly waiting for this new 3D mario after the huge disappointment of 3D world.
    So well, I'm still going to buy it one day, but right now, from what I saw, there is no rush.
    And that's the thing with the Switch, there is no games that I think "oh my god I must have it now!!!", it's all "well, one day maybe". Well Zelda is one, but I'm ordering the WiiU version.
    So this console, is anything but a must have for me. I'll have to wait for E3, or for 2018, but right now, it's all "meh".
    I'll have to wait for the announcement of the new Retro Studio game maybe, or the raving rabbids kingdom, or BGE2, stuff like that, maybe a proper metroid..
    But I won't do the same mistake I did with the WiiU, I won't buy it on the promise that Nintendo will release good games down the line. Fool me once...

    on 30 January 2017

    < GuyDuke posted something on maxleresistant's wall:

    D'où es-tu originaire? :)

    France comme tu l as deviné;)

    on 29 January 2017

    Ça peut dépendre, je suis du Québec :)

    on 30 January 2017

    pas faux ^^ C'est vrai qu'il y a le Quebec, désolé.

    on 30 January 2017

    < Dr.Vita posted something on maxleresistant's wall:

    Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!!

    Batman! Batman! Naanaananaanaannaanannana

    on 29 January 2017

    < padib posted something on maxleresistant's wall:

    J'aime bien ton avatar.

    Voilà mec

    C'est une alternate cover de Dark Night 3 par Frank Miller

    on 13 March 2016

    Frank Miller est un illustrateur tres interessant.

    on 13 March 2016

    What game are you most hyped for?

    If I have to chose one game out of all. Zelda WiiU (or NX if it comes out on NX)
    Also Xenoblade, Quantum Break, Scalebound.

    on 09 November 2015

    by the way, great avatar

    on 02 March 2016

    thx, I use it everywhere! Steam, uplay, origin. It's mine! Miiiiiine!!

    on 02 March 2016

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    Microsoft should put Halo on Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 August 2019

    Nintendo should make their own first party fps. They have more than enough money and should start spending some of it. ...

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    "Leaving Neverland": Do you think Michael Jackson is Innocent?

    in General Discussion on 23 March 2019

    I think at this point I prefer to not give an opinion. I let people debating about it. Although I would argue a few things that nobody is saying/hear : -if those guys are lying, they are the best actors I ever saw -During a Joe Rogan podcast with Ben Anderson (a legitimate war reporter suffering of PTSD), Anderson said he met one of the two alleged victims, and that he believes him and that...

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    IGN takes issue with white male lead in Days Gone.

    in Politics Discussion on 06 March 2019

    On the top of my head in recent games : -crackdown 3 black male -shadow of the tomb raider female -watch dogs 2 black male -celeste female -uncharted 4 dlc female -spyro trilogy dragon Yeah, maybe there could be more, I know I would not mind at all tbh. I really don't need for games to have white male leads to identify with. But there is more and more games where you can choose, anthem I think...


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