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Forums - Movies Discussion - Which is better? MCU or DCU


Which one is better?

Marvel Cinematic Universe 173 75.88%
DC Cinematic Universe 55 24.12%

Simple question: Which (in your opinion) is better and why? 


For me its the MCU:

Always know it's going to be a goo movie with laughs and has a solid course on where the characters and overall story ark are going, the only DC movie I have liked so far is Wonder Women. The DCU might get better but I think they need a few people removed from the franchise 

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MCU. The only movie that I've enjoyed from DC is Wonder Woman.

MCU. Better movies with better characters.  I hate batman and alot of the DC films were about him. 

That is not a fair question.

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I wonder how many people are out there who seriously think DCU > MCU.

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Shame there isn't an option to like both lol... but since I can only pick one, I'll go with MCU because it's better established and has more characters included in it.

SpokenTruth said:
That is not a fair question.

Yeah. This isn't even close. 

How about MCU vs. DCAU? That would be a great showdown.

Right now the DCEU is a punchline. It's three embarassing failures and one above-average movie. Meanwhile the MCU has 16 movies, a few of which are the some of the finest superhero movies made.

So far MCU by a longshot. Hell, at this point the X-Men universe is better than the DCU and those movies even rebooted just to become bad again.

Most DC movies are basically objectively bad... so yeah.
It'd be a better question if we weren't considering the movies, and just the universe itself. Pretending the movies don't exist preferably...

DC also has far fewer movies. And all of them are bad, except Wonder Woman.

MCU. The only decent DCU film is Wonder Woman. Though Wonder Woman is better than most of the MCU films imho. But MCU is way more consistent.