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    Prediction: The Switch will become the best selling console yet!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 January 2018

    First of all, 150m is a lot. At its current level The Switch will need to either be sold as long as the PS2 did or suddenly have a record breaking sales (25mil+ a year). Both are very unlikely to happen. Second is about your argument. Do you really expect that most, if not all of the PS4 owner will suddenly jump on Switch? ...

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    Who among Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will have the most critically successful games this generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 January 2018

    NawaiNey said: Player2 said:   Then I would also have to add 3DS and VITA to this gen...and Have chosen to leave them all out and keep this about consoles. And for the 3rd time you are all free to make a separate topic about handhelds. I just don't want to do that as it will make the comparison extremely unfair for MS. Just because Sony and Nintendo choose to split...

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    Who among Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will have the most critically successful games this generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 January 2018

    Ofc Sony would win on console since Nintendo usually make more games on handheld and MS just being MS....

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    How many countries is each console available in?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 January 2018

    You might want to check the availability of online service like Xbox Live or Nintendo Network. That should gives you a bare minimum number of country the console is available in. At least officialy....

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    PS2 shipped 100 million in 5 years and 9 months. When will PS4 do the same?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 January 2018

    LethalP said: Vor said: DS tapped into a crazy market that the PS4 didn't though. It sold like 30 million a year and was cheap as fuck. PS4 is still officially at the launch price of the PS2, and has direct competition targeting the exact same demographic. I compare to the PS2 because it's part of the same market. I get that PS4 and DS are still both gaming machines, but...

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    PS2 shipped 100 million in 5 years and 9 months. When will PS4 do the same?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 January 2018

    Interesting question, but that makes me wonder. If VGChartz is anything to go by, the DS took 4 years and 5 month to reach 100 million sold, and therefore is the current record holder. Can the PS4 (or any future console) beat this record? Cuz you know, comparing it to PS2 is boring :-P...

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    Would you buy a Resident Evil 7 Switch port?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 January 2018

    I don't know. This isn't the type of game I'd play on train. A horror game doesn't feel like a horror game if you play it with many people nearby....

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    sales of long awaited games

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 January 2018

    It depends. Generally people will have higher expectation the longer they wait for the game. If the game could live up to that, not only it will sell well but ppl will think that the game is polished and give it a high review. It's a high risk, high reward method for me....

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    Why Sony should also use a Cell Processor for PS5 (x86+Cell coprocessor)

    in Sony Discussion on 26 December 2017

    I mean, using an architecture that is hard to develop for while the competitor use the more standard and easier to develop architecture is better right? Now the developer will have even more excuse if the game isn't running smoothly :-P...

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    Right, do we think a PS4 Portable is coming?

    in Sony Discussion on 16 December 2017

    habam said: SuperNova said:  Uhm X86 Chips in 4-6nm would actually work in a mobile form factor. As far as I know 5 nm or lower is hard to achieve with our current architecture. At that scale quantum tunneling is expected to take effect so electron can randomly bypass the transistor and ignore it, making it unusable. We need to use quantum computer for anything...

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    Israel-Palestine: Which "solution" do you prefer?

    in Politics Discussion on 11 December 2017

    This thread is getting hotter with every comment lol. On topic I prefer them to keep status quo since it's the best of both world right now. I mean China and Taiwan has doing this for quite a while and they're perfectly fine right now. They only need to do their own thing and don't mess with each other. As for other country, its up to them to side with either country....

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    Important piano concepts to know

    in General Discussion on 08 December 2017

    I rarely learn a piece by reading its sheet. Usually I'll just find a Synthesia video on Youtube and learn from there. It works for me, well at least for the simpler one....

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    Simple formula for Switch sales

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 October 2017

    You know, when creating a formula you have to mention how do you get the number. I think the current Switch sales is still fluctuating a lot so it's a bit hard to create a "simple" formula :-P...

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    What are you willing to sacrifice for 60 FPS or higher?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 October 2017

    CrazyGamer2017 said: TheBraveGallade said: "No monry into advancing components" Are you fraking kidding me? This thing is literally THE most powerful mobile device ever, not counting laptop level stuff. Only the ipad  prob matches it in performance and thats a 1000$ machine.   Sure, too bad the part I care about is the part where I use the system to play at...

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    Wii Shop Channel Closing in 2019

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 September 2017

    Flilix said: Is the DSi shop still open? IIRC they were already shutdown sometimes this year. Doesn't matter much anyway since unlike the Wii Shop Channel, The Eshop has its on DSiware section....

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    Article: Nintendo Has Won 2017

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2017

    kazuyamishima said: Like half of those games on the list for switch are coming/already on Ps4. You forgot to mention gran turismo sport, dead rising 4, marvel vs capcom infinite, dynasty warriors versus, road rage, AC origins, Need For Speed Payback, The Sims 4, And Okami. You have to remember that some big guns like god of war or the last of us hasn't released yet.     in...

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    Why is there no such thing as luxury gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 September 2017

    As the others already mentioned, we already have that in a form of Neo Geo and 3DO. The 60 GB PS3 model is also priced as a luxury item (at least at launch). The problem is, none of these are successful on the market. So why bother creating more of them?...

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    Final Fantasy XV PC To Release Early 2018

    in PC Discussion on 21 August 2017

    I hope they optimized this game better on PC. FF XIII only use a single core on my CPU....

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    Which 8th Gen Game Is Your Favourite So Far? Mid 2017 Edition!

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 August 2017

    I haven't played any game released in 2017 but based on what I see it's between Zelda or Nier. I also give Persona an honorable mention because how close it is to my daily life, well atleast the school part :-P...

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    Need some help for choosing Laptop for college.

    in PC Discussion on 10 August 2017

    WolfpackN64 said: Vor said: If you exclude daily task like Office and Web Browsing I'll use it mostly for gaming. However I also do a little video editing or 3D rendering. Hmm, are these really your only options? I'd rather go looking for something that at least includes a GTX 1050, the GTX950M is quite weak. I'd really look at an SSD as well, I know that'll drive up the...

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