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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - DF: More Wii U Ports Heading To Switch! Is This A Good Thing?

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A very good thing.

Good thing? Depends for who.

For me personally, not really. I have a Wii U already. There are a couple of games I might double dip on if they have more content or if they would really benefit from being portable, but mostly I'm not interested.

For the developers? Yeah. There are plenty of games released on Wii U that sold far less than they could have because of the system's install base. Lego City was a good game that they wrung some extra sales out of. Bayonettas, Wonderful 101, and a few others. So, it's good that the developers who did good work can get more return on their investmet.

For gamers who didn't own a Wii U? Yeah. The games mostly aren't old enough to be outdated, and the Wii U had a lot of great games for its short lifespan. If you haven't played it, it's new to you. And, it will probably be cheaper and more convenient than buying a new system.

As porting should mostly be possible without much resources poured into it it's definitely a good thing.

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I watched the video and do kind of agree with him. Honestly, the WiiU was a catastrophic failure and many of its crown jewels deserve a second chance.
I would certainly be interested in a Platinum Games collection, and I think a re-release of DK Country Tropical Freeze would be a great idea and the game would be a great fit for portability.
I don't know about the Mario Galaxy games though, they would look amazing, but they were built for the Wii Remote and even Dolphin gameplay with a Mouse cannot emulate the feeling of catching those Star Bits.

This of course does not mean they would replace new experiences, but rather that a wider audience would be allowed to play these overlooked titles.

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I do agree with him, but to an extent.We dont need to port every single Wii U game to the Switch, but having some ports on it would be great.Just to get out of the way, Wii and Gamecube games should be restricted to the VC, and not to be done an actual port, with expections like Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster, which could be used as a marketing tool and prepare players to Metroid Prime 4, and the same would apply to other games.

The ones I think shoudl receive the remaster/port treatment are the ones that didnt sell well AND could receive the extra attention to create a fanbase and following to any given franchise that has a future.Games like Bayonetta and XCX could really use a port of their games on the Switch.Not only they are wonderful and excellent games, but being port to a far more successful systems could not only increase exponentially their sales, but iron out the fanbase and support for similar games on the system and create a following for said franchises on a Nintendo system(XC is a Nintendo franchise, but not a big one.That needs to change!).

Other titles that I feel like are ellegible to being port to the Switch are games that flopped or sold badly on the system.The Wonderful 101 is a very good game that sold extremelly bad on the Wii U and that a port on the newer system could really bring some life back to it.Not only that, but the game not only could fill a hole in the release schedule, but it also could strenghten even more the relation betwenn Nintendo and other companies(In this case, Platinum).Other game that would fill in this criteria is Tokyo Mirage Sessions.Even though I personally find this game is kind of mediocre, It could gather a better following in the Switch, specially since its portable and thus have a better chance on markets like Japan.

All in all, assuming the ports dosent overtake the influx of new and original games to the Switch, they are only good news for the system.It gives the hardware a more robust library, and give games forgotten due to a failling system a second chance.

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Yes, nobody forces you to buy them again.

And it's not like Nintendo is porting Wii U games instead of making new ones.

Valdath said:
Yes, nobody forces you to buy them again.

And it's not like Nintendo is porting Wii U games instead of making new ones.

So much this.

I just hope whoever praises these ports wasn't criticizing 8th gen's or vice versa.

Depends. If the ports are in place of efforts for new games that's troublesome. Also, I am not a huge fan of porting the biggest sellers. Rather, I want to see more games like Pokken: games that had a lot of sales potential that the Wii U was unable to tap into. So XCX, Bayonetta 2, Pokken, possibly Tokyo Mirage Sessions. These are all games that I think could have gone farther than they did. Stand alone third parties, that's their business what they want to do. And honestly, everyone is freaking out over these ports when the number of ACTUAL Wii U ports Nintendo has pushed thus far comes to 2. And there has been 1 3rd party port.