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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - DF: More Wii U Ports Heading To Switch! Is This A Good Thing?

It depends on who you're asking. If you ask Wii U owners, not so much, since they've likely played any games considered for a port. Non Wii U owners, I definitely think so. It'd definitely allow them to play some of the best titles from the system without having to buy it.

As for the fear of there being more ports than new games, Nintendo's releasing a fair amount of new games as well, so there will be something to play for both new and existing owners.



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While I do have a Wii U myself. The last time I played an actual Wii U game was Xenoblade Chronicles X well over a year ago, unless you include Wii and VC games.

I want everything on Switch. The sooner I can unplug Wii U permanently, the better. I do not intend to buy anything new on it, but I would buy Wii U games I don't have on Switch... and I would re-buy an updated XCX and a few others. XCX's big problem is the tiny UI, and it doesn't need to be that way, it needs to be polished.

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Some of the games he showed off makes me wish that Nintendo are subbed to digital foundry and see the likes this video has :D Metroid Prime and Pikmin trilogies would be a license to print money for relatively low amounts of work imo.

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Wii U have some gems. Them games should get a second chance.

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It certainly is a good thing for Nintendo's bottom line. Not including BC AND making the consumers pay for it? That's a win win for the financial department.

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Amazing thing. Please bring Star Fox and Smash Bros

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StarDoor said:

God, I hope you didn't buy a 3DS or Vita, then. Most cellphones don't even get that much time if you're actually using them. Who the hell regularly plays eight hours of video games a day period, let alone eight hours away from an outlet?

Using whataboutisms doesn't make a complaint any less valid. And people like me do. When youre constantly taking 8hr flights all the time. 

I assume you take 8 hr flights for business reasons. Idk about you, but I think playing this neat game called 'taking a break' or 'using a damn charger' is pretty cool. 


Even the 2 hour flights in the US have chargers; don't see why you can't simply carry one. Also, I really don't recommend spending 3-6+ consecutive hours playing games

It really depends in the reasoning behind it but we won't ever know. If nintendo is doing that to fill in gaps in it's game release schedule then no. If it's using resources that could have went into new IPs or more releases of their established series then no. If nintendo is doing it to so people who didn't play them on the wii u can play them now and they're making more money while at it, then yes.

I think is good, doesn't hurt people who played them on the wii u and benefits those who didn't, which I'm sure are the majority