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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - DF: More Wii U Ports Heading To Switch! Is This A Good Thing?

Wii U have some gems. Them games should get a second chance.

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Every time I see that guy, I just really want to slap his face, I don't know why.

It certainly is a good thing for Nintendo's bottom line. Not including BC AND making the consumers pay for it? That's a win win for the financial department.

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Amazing thing. Please bring Star Fox and Smash Bros

StarOcean said:
StarDoor said:

God, I hope you didn't buy a 3DS or Vita, then. Most cellphones don't even get that much time if you're actually using them. Who the hell regularly plays eight hours of video games a day period, let alone eight hours away from an outlet?

Using whataboutisms doesn't make a complaint any less valid. And people like me do. When youre constantly taking 8hr flights all the time. 

I assume you take 8 hr flights for business reasons. Idk about you, but I think playing this neat game called 'taking a break' or 'using a damn charger' is pretty cool. 


Even the 2 hour flights in the US have chargers; don't see why you can't simply carry one. Also, I really don't recommend spending 3-6+ consecutive hours playing games

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I definitely agree, there are some games on Wii U that deserved a bigger audience, so releasing them on the Switch would be great, also there are certain games I'd probably douple dip with, already did with Mario Kart 8 lol :P

It really depends in the reasoning behind it but we won't ever know. If nintendo is doing that to fill in gaps in it's game release schedule then no. If it's using resources that could have went into new IPs or more releases of their established series then no. If nintendo is doing it to so people who didn't play them on the wii u can play them now and they're making more money while at it, then yes.

I think is good, doesn't hurt people who played them on the wii u and benefits those who didn't, which I'm sure are the majority


I would think it is a good thing. The only people this doesn't encourage to buy Switch is people who own a Wii U, and my guess is Nintendo believes it has those 13 million or so customers in the pocket already. A steady flow of games for the system is what Nintendo needs to get people who rejected Wii U on board.

Cannibalising the Wii U library is a quick and cheap way of substantially increasing the game library in a way that will encourage a larger market segment to get on board with Switch. As long as brand new games are released as reasonable intervals I suspect the die hard fans will be happy.

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From a business perspective it makes a ton of sense. The Wii U's failure meant a very small install base to work with, and while its biggest games had insane attach rates, they could have reached a much larger audience on a more successful system. People who passed on the Wii U but who are getting a Switch will likely be interested in picking up notable games that, despite being re-releases, are new to them.

And as a Wii U owner myself, I'm interested in double-dipping on some titles just for the portability aspect and the performance boost. Also, there was a couple of games I never got around to picking up.


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