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Good thing? Depends for who.

For me personally, not really. I have a Wii U already. There are a couple of games I might double dip on if they have more content or if they would really benefit from being portable, but mostly I'm not interested.

For the developers? Yeah. There are plenty of games released on Wii U that sold far less than they could have because of the system's install base. Lego City was a good game that they wrung some extra sales out of. Bayonettas, Wonderful 101, and a few others. So, it's good that the developers who did good work can get more return on their investmet.

For gamers who didn't own a Wii U? Yeah. The games mostly aren't old enough to be outdated, and the Wii U had a lot of great games for its short lifespan. If you haven't played it, it's new to you. And, it will probably be cheaper and more convenient than buying a new system.